Xsens improves motion capture accuracy


Xsens Technologies B.V., the leader in professional 3D tracking systems, today announced the general availability of its KinematicCoupling (KiCTM) algorithm in its newly released software suite MVN Studio 3.0 for professional grade human motion capture. Xsens MVN will be on show at the SIGGRAPH conference (July 27-29, 2010) in Los Angeles at booth 839.
The KinematicCoupling (KiCTM) algorithm is the latest addition to the advanced signal processing suite developed by Xsens for processing inertial sensor data (accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers) to accurately capture motion in 3D. Until now, successful adoption of inertial sensor technology for human motion capture was hindered due to the fundamental dependence on the Earth’s magnetic field to provide a sense of horizontal direction (heading) for long term measurements, much like how a compass works. The patent pending KiC algorithm – the culmination of years of research at Xsens – solves this problem by taking a new approach, with the landmark result of total immunity to magnetic distortions when estimating full 3D joint orientations. “Using KiC, it is now possible to accurately track movement in environments with significant amounts of iron, like large steel beams, ferroconcrete floors and radiators,” says Per Slycke, CTO of Xsens.

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