Vray 2.30.1 for 3ds max 2013 is officially released

Chaos Group officially announced Vray 2.30.1 for 3ds max 2013

New Features

• Support for 3ds Max 2013;
• Support for the new shading features of Hair & Fur in
3ds Max 2013;
• VRayOrnatrixMod: support for Ornatrix 2.0;
• Added a “Matte for reflection/refraction” option to the
VRayWrapperMtl material and the V-Ray object settings;
• V-Ray RT and V-Ray RT GPU: support for motion blur
(transformation and deformation) both in ActiveShade mode
and as a production renderer;
• V-Ray RT GPU: added a CUDA engine, in addition to OpenCL
(the CUDA engine requires a Fermi or Kepler card and the
newest nVidia drivers);

Modified features:

• VRayOrnatrixMod: support for Ornatrix thickness maps;
• Added the possibility to specify a preview mesh for the
vrayMeshExport MaxScript function;
• Support for motion blur of V-Ray mesh lights;
• Reduced memory usage and increased speed for dynamic
geometry (proxies, displacement etc.) in specific situations;
• VRayHDRI: added crop/place options to VRayHDRI;
• VRayHDRI: added Output and curves rollout to VRayHDRI;
• VRayHDRI: added Output and curves rollout to VRayHDRI;
• vrimg2exr: added support for RLE compression method for
OpenEXR files to vrimg2exr;
• VFB: the V-Ray VFB ICC color correction now takes into account
the gamma value from the Color Mapping settings of V-Ray;
• VRayPtex: increased the default cache size for VRayPtex
• V-Ray scene converter: now converts IES lights and
Mental Ray Sun/Sky in a Daylight system;
• V-Ray RT GPU: support for sub-pixel filtering;
• V-Ray RT GPU: ability to use full resolution textures;
• V-Ray RT GPU: option to specify material texture bit depth to
help control GPU memory usage;

vray 3ds max 2013

Read More : http://www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/news.html

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