Vray 2.20.01 is out

Vray 2.20.01 is finally released by chaos group. Below are the features


- VRayHairMtl specifically for fur and hair rendering
- VRayOrnatrixMod modifier for direct rendering of Ornatrix hair
- VRayHairInfoTex texture for additional hair shading effects
- VRayPTex texture provides support for PTex files
- MaxScript functions for access to the V-Ray VFB contents
- V-Ray RT: added "Real zoom" option to the ActiveShade quad menu to modify the rendered region (zoom, pan) directly in the ActiveShade window
- MetaSL support in VRayGLSLMtl and VRayGLSLTex

Modified features:
- V-Ray RT GPU: initial support for VRayBlendMtl materials
- V-Ray RT GPU: rendering of VRayProxy objects
- V-Ray RT GPU: support for affect diffuse/specular/reflection for VRayLights
- V-Ray RT GPU: support for simple skylight portals
- V-Ray RT GPU: support for textured area and mesh lights
- V-Ray RT GPU: limited support for the Falloff map
- V-Ray RT GPU: support for Tiles and other procedural textures (through baking to bitmaps)
- V-Ray RT: ability to use the 3ds Max bitmap proxy system for the ActiveShade
- V-Ray RT: support for 32-bit ActiveShade buffer
- V-Ray RT: add a "Reload" button for VRayHDRI that works with V-Ray RT
- Distributed rendering: option to specify a maximum number of render slaves
- Distributed rendering: when a slave completes a DR render, it will automatically try to join other running DR jobs
- ply2vrmesh: added support for .bgeo files in ply2vrmesh
- ply2vrmesh: added -info option to ply2vrmesh to print information about .vrmesh files
- Irradiance map format (*.vrmap) has changed – map files from V-Ray 2.20 cannot be opened by previous V-Ray versions
- imapviewer: added -incremental command-line option and "File > Incremental add" menu item for incremental merge of irradiance maps produced by V-Ray 2.20
- imapviewer: added ability to load and display light cache files
- VRayMtl: added "Affect channels" option for reflections
- VRayGLSL: split into a VRayGLSLTex texture and a VRayGLSLMtl material
- VRayGLSLMtl: support for built-in BRDFs
- VRaySun: added filter color for VRaySun
- VRayMultiSubTex: added option to specify the number of IDs in VRayMultiSubTex
- VRayMultiSubTex: reworked the VRayMultiSubTex texture to use lists of properties, rather than separate parameters
- VRayFastSSS2: ability to save/load illumination maps for VRayFastSSS2 material
- VRayHDRI: add the "time" rollout for controlling IFL files to VRayHDRI
- VRayHDRI: support for tiled mip-mapped TIFF files
- VRayHDRI: optimized VRayHDRI bitmap performance
- VRayIES: expanded the "Use light shape" option for VRayIES to allow the shape to affect light distribution
- VRayBPTracer: support for distributed rendering
- VRayBPTracer: support for the VRayLightSelect render elements
- VRayDisplacementMod: added option to smooth UVs for subdivision displacement
- VRayLensEffects: improved multithreading for VRayLensEffects
- Optimized memory usage and multithreaded performance for dynamic geometry
- Optimized the VRay2SidedMtl material for GI calculations when translucency is greyscale
- Add an option to the VRaySamplerInfo render element and texture to wrap the UVW coordinates in the [0,1] range
- VFB: added ICC color correction to the V-Ray VFB
- VFB: added right-click menu to the items in the V-Ray VFB history
- VFB: right-click menu option to add and edit comments in V-Ray History per image
- VFB: ability to do A/B VFB comparison with a rendered image in the V-Ray VFB
- VFB: the frame stamp is now saved to and loaded from the V-Ray VFB history images
- When writing a raw .exr file, V-Ray will attempt to produce a scanline version of the file instead of tiled one
- Added a glossiness render element, also for texture baking
- Added a Clear option for the Previous render list in the System rollout
- Changed the default image sampler to Adaptive DMC
- Exposed the irradiance map preview mode parameter in the UI
- Reduced flickering of the irradiance map and light cache when "Time independent" DMC option is disabled
- Disable any HSDS modifiers before saving the scene for DR
- SDK: switched to Intel C++ 12.1 compiler
- SDK: shaders can provide their own sampling rays for GI
- SDK: multithreaded expansion of dynamic primitives

Plus a number of bug fixes. The new version is available for download to current owners of V-Ray 2.0 from Chaos Group.


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