VFB+ v2.4 for 3ds max

vfb for 3ds max
VFB+ v2.4 (Virtual Frame Buffer) is an advanced frame buffer for Autodesk™ 3ds Max™. It features an intuitive user interface, render history capabilities, a powerful color adjustment engine, a highly customizable frame stamping module and many more features that will help you improve your rendering workflow.
The new features added in VFB+ 2.4 are as below

-  New image filters : Blur/Sharpen, Bloom and Firefly speckle reduction filter.
-  Composition guides overlays.
-  Option to persist history images between 3dsmax sessions.
-  Advanced options for creating ‘Send To’ applications, including custom MAXScript functions and support for all image elements.
-  CamLink button automatically associates color correction settings with a specific camera, allowing each scene camera to receive its own color correction.
-  Option to auto-save images using a timer during rendering.
-  MAXScript access to Stamper variable values.
-  Copy/Paste buttons for Color Correction settings.
-  Manual loading of .VFB cache files.
-  Added option to get output from the VRay frame buffer even if VFB+ is active.
-  Added ‘Active Element’ image variable in Stamper text layer variables.
-  VFB+ can now capture images rendered with batch render.
-  Support for Unicode text in Color Correction paths (such as LUT) and stamper text and image paths, even in pre-Unicode versions of 3dsmax.

Read More : http://www.monotoneminimal.com/vfb

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