Terragen is released

terragen 2.5
Planetside released an update of Terragen 2.5.5 for licensed users of the full edition with a few bug fixes and some more enhancements. Planetside also released a free version terragen 2.5….The terragen free versions has limitations as below

Render Size Maximum: 800×600
Render Detail Maximum: 1.0
Antialiasing Maximum: 3
Maximum Number of Rendered Populations: 3
Maximum Render Detail for Micropolygon Export: 0.1

Build includes:

- More robust OBJ reader
- Corrected normals on the Card object
- Heightfield Shader "stepped" mode now works (fixed a crash)
- Fixed a crashing bug when moving keys in the Dope Sheet
- Mac only: Fixed a 64 bit problem with writing TGOs
- Mac only: The 64 bit PPC version works again
- Fixed bug that would prevent populations from knowing they need to repopulate
- Fixed the problem where cloud layers or atmospheres were not positioned and scaled correctly after changing a planet’s position or radius
- Other user interface improvements

Read More : http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen-2-free-download

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