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terragen 2.4
Terragen 2.4 is now available and includes a number of important new features. Most significantly, version 2.4 marks the first complete release of the Animation Module, available in pre-release form prior to 2.4. The Animation Module now includes a complete key frame editing workflow with a dope sheet and curve editor, providing greatly improved control and precision when animating.

Significant changes include:

 -  Complete Animation Module with Timeline, Dope Sheet, and Curve editor
 -  Global Illumination Caching and other options to address flicker in animations
 -  New population "lean to normal" function
 -  New Vector Displacement, Displacement Shader to Vector, and other added shader nodes
 -  New options to sync textures for clouds or planets when moved
 -  Improved multithreading performance in several areas
 -  Improved object and population drawing speed in 3D preview
 -  Quick Node Palette speeds node network editing
 -  Project "gather" function for easily packaging complete projects and assets
 -  Additional colour picker options
 -  New commandline options for frame ranges, cropping
 -  Expanded customization options for key bindings
 -  Many additional bug fixes and other updates

Read More : http://www.planetside.co.uk

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