Sundog Launches Triton Oceans and 3D Water for Unity Pro

triton unity
ORLANDO, Fla (September 19, 2012) – Simulation-quality wave and water simulation has come to the Unity game engine today with Sundog Software’s launch of Triton for Unity Pro. Triton enhances the realism of water-based games and simulations, such as ship simulators, by simulating thousands of waves at once on infinitely large oceans.

"Triton for Unity Pro is unique in that it uses the latest technologies, such as CUDA, OpenCL and DirectX 11 Compute Shaders to power its wave simulations," said Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software. "The user’s graphics card processes the wave simulation in parallel using Fast-Fourier Transforms, while our shaders compute accurate lighting on the water with proper reflections and refractions."

Triton for Unity Pro also includes particle-based spray effects when the simulated wind conditions increase, and ship wakes with 3D wave displacements and propeller backwash effects. "All of Triton’s water waves and wakes are based on a real physical simulation," continued Kane. "Customers such as the US Navy are using Triton to provide realistic water conditions for specific wind speeds and Beaufort scales." Triton also provides the ability to retrieve the height of the water at any point, making it useful for accurately simulating ships floating on the water.

Triton for Unity Pro supports standalone Windows applications developed with Unity. Triton is also available for other engines, including OpenSceneGraph, Ogre and custom engines developed with OpenGL or DirectX. Free trials of Triton for Unity Pro are available at, as well as screenshots, a demo and a tutorial video.

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