PolyBoost 3.0 modeling plugin for 3ds max

PolyBoost is complex tool set for 3d modelers who works in 3ds Max, and want to speed up their workflow. There are some major improvements like the ‘transform tool’, PolyShift and quadrify and compatibility with 3ds Max 9. PolyBoost gives you more than 100 tools to make your modeling and mapping easier. Make you Models at Blazing speeds using PolyBoost 3.0

"Version 3.0 of PolyBoost has now been released! This new version evolves the concept of working with edgeloops with new tools such as CurveLoop, SpaceLoop, StraightenLoop, CircleLoop, RelaxLoop, tools for moving and building in screenspace in PolyDraw, advanced UVW Unwrap tools, new selection functionality and many fixes throughout PolyBoost. Check out the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for exsisting users."

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1. Polyboost tutorials | Pixspics wrote on February 16th, 2012 at 10:49 am

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