Ornatrix 2.0 released

Mass FX dynamics
 -  Uses the latest Mass FX for speed and stability
 -  Interacts with all 3ds max Mass FX objects

New Interpolation methods
        Added: A new hair from guides interpolation method (segment) that more accurately interpolates hair between two or more guides

Full Vray support
 -  Fine hair rendering
 -  Vray hair shaders
 -  Vray Motion blur
 -  Global Illumination
 -  Area and Soft shadows

New multi-threaded code
 -  HairFromGuides modifier is now multithreaded
 -  HairClustering modifier now uses parallel evaluation (multi-threading)
 -  Mesh from strands modifier now evaluates on multiple threads for cylindrical and
billboard mesh types
 -  Hair curling modifier is now multi-threaded
 -  Length modifier is multi-threaded

 -  Added floatable diagram to hair curling modifier
 -  Added: Gravity direction vector for "Ox Dynamics" modifier (X/Y/Z)
 -  In MassFX dynamics when surface/distribution object is present in the simulation the hairs are automatically attached to it at the root, otherwise they remain static/animated by original mesh
 -  Improved hair preservation in MassFX hair by making the spring parameter more sensitive
 -  Added directional gravity option to 2012 and earlier versions of Max (non-MassFX)
 -  OrnaEditGuidesInterface is now accessible in MaxScript with more support and methods
 -  Added edit guides brush options to the maxscript exposure
 -  Added length spinner to Strand Length
 -  Length modifier now has a map channel specifier to be able to work with mapping channels other than 1
 -  Added "base channel" option to Ox Mesh From Strands to allow using a specific base mesh UV channel for each output map channel in the resuling mesh
 -  Hair from guides modifier now respects the UV mapping index specified in modifier UI for distribution map
Bug fixes
 -  Fixed: Crash on specifying Use UV in interpolation mode of hair from guides
 -  Fixed: Hair modifier stack not being evaluated above "Face Camera" billboard hair (Mesh from strands). When "Export Guide Mesh" is checked the "Face Camera" option is not applied now.
 -  2013: Re-enabled forces from scene for MassFX
 -  Fixed: A crash when changing strand count during MassFX preview
 -  Removed gravity parameters from MassFX hair simulation, these are configured globally by MassFX panel
 -  Fixed: Planting a new guide crashes Max after quick hair addition
 -  Fixed: Apply strand length to guides and change length fail
 -  Dynamics: changed default swing limit to smaller value,  changed default spring to a higher value, changed dynamics swing limit to use degrees instead of radians
 -  Fixed: Occasional infinite recursion crash in Ox Accurate Raytracer
 -  Fixed: Hair from guides can pass invalid face indices with current distribution mesh causing errors down the pipeline
 -  Fixed: Loading BakedGuides in Max 2013 causes errors with channel names
 -  Fixed: Crash one exit cause by hair clustering modifier
 -  Fixed: Mesh from strands crashing when applied to guide hair
 -  Fixed: Mesh from strands producing bad results and strand propagation modifier is used
 -  Fixed a crash in IHair::ComputeUVs when specifying an invalid mapping channel
 -  Fixed: Crash when collapsing a hair stack which has hair from guides modifier but not at the top of the stack
 -  Fixed bug with dense hair not returning proper hair channel values
 -  Fixed: Billboard hair facing parallel to camera instead of perpendicular
 -  Fixed: Cannot render billboarded hair when not referencing a camera
 -  Numerous other fixes


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