Naiad 0.6.1 Is Released


Naiad 0.6.1 Is Released

These are the release notes of Naiad 0.6.1.(43) – the final Naiad release.  As of these release notes, all Naiad development stops.  Naiad 0.6.1 is available for download from the Exotic Matter FTP site, for existing customers only. Please email for login details if you do not have them.

Download Instructions

  • Once inside the FTP site, please visit the Naiad 0.6.1 folder and go into the Binaries subfolder to download the Naiad binaries for Linux and/or Windows 7.
  • You can also download the full source code for the Naiad Buddies and the Naiad Clients from the SourceCode subfolder.
  • If you see the errors relating to on Linux – this is due to the Naiad Buddy for Arnold.  If you do not have arnold, please remove the offending buddy from the installation $NAIAD_PATH/server/body-io/  Similarly, errors at startup for other buddies (such as vray, 3delight, or prman can be fixed by removing the appropriate bodyio plugin).

New Standard Operators

  • HD (experimental) – allows a selective uprezzing of a lower-resolution fluid body (an "SD" body).
  • Aerodynamics (experimental) – fast gas/smoke/fire solver operator (can, however, exhibit some grid artifacts)
  • Hydrodynamics (experimental) – fast liquid solver operator (but does not always converge)
  • Particle-Mesh4 – 4th-generation particle surfacing code (fixed many of the Particle-Mesh3 artifacts, yet sacrificing none of the great detail)
  • Body-Read – read various file formats and make a corresponding body (or bodies)
  • Sphere-Mesh – make a volume body directly from a sphere
  • Tile-Expand – add more tiles around a body

Changes to Existing Standard Operators

  • Dynamics (no more energy spikes etc – see General Improvement at the bottom)
  • Body-Write / Body-Terminal
  • Combust (burn map, NEL expressions, etc)
  • Drag (accepts NEL expressions)
  • Particle-Splash-Emit (emission radius, pure ballistic)

New Naiad Buddies

  • The Naiad Buddy for Alembic (Compiled for Linux only; full source-code available for Windows)
  • The Naiad Buddy for Houdini 12 BGEOs (mesh, particles, and volumes)
  • The Naiad Buddy for V-Ray (mesh and particle export)
  • The Naiad Buddy for 3DS Max

Updates to Existing Naiad Buddies

  • The Naiad Buddy for Krakatoa – PRT reading now implemented in Body-Read
  • The Naiad Buddy for Arnold – using Body-Io mechanism

Bug Fixes

  • Under some circumstances, parameters with sliders would get incorrectly clamped – this has been fixed.
  • Crashing when using certain NEL expressions have been fixed.
  • Particle IDs were inconsistent and duplicates were possible – this has been fixed.
  • Naiad Studio crashed when invalid parameter references were present.

General Improvements

  • Overall, Naiad 0.6.1 is a more optimized, memory-lean, and awesome version of the Naiad 0.6 release.
  • The Dynamics operator had severe problems with very thin layers of fluid in contact with a moving solid.  This would cause violent "explosions" and   "energy spikes" where fluid particles would go flying off in unnatural ways.  This has been one of the long-standing problems with the Naiad solver -   and we are pleased to announce the issue has been fixed!   The underlying numerical codes have been redesigned and rewritten, eliminating this artifact.
  • Particle-Wet-Emit had problems where wet particles were "left floating around" in space.. This op has been rewritten and behaves significantly better now.
  • 64-bit integer support for point and triangle channel import
  • The documentation has been overhauled to ensure all the operator docs are correct and up-to-date.  The Application Notes have been expanded to include Houdini buddy 12 docs.

API Changes

  • All BodyIo classes must implement the "format" method to return the string name of the file-format for which the body-io plugin was written.
  •  BodyIo class now has a setTimeBundle() method that allows the body-io plugin to know current time, frame, time-step etc.
  •  BodyReader class has new bodySig() functions to lookup the signature of a particular body (without necessarily loading the whole body).
  • Nb::createField1f now requires a tile-layout.
  • Nb::setNaiadPath has been added back (was somehow lost in Naiad 0.6)
  • Nb::Tile class now has built-in local-to-global cell coordinate conversion functions: ci(), cj(), ck().  These can be used to map a tile-local coordinate such as the lower-left corner of the tile (0,0,0) to the corresponding global cell coordinate (ci,cj,ck).  Very useful!
  • Nb::TileLayout::cell(ci,cj,ck) has been upgraded to handle non-existent tile locations.  This function’s signature is now:

     cell(const int ci, const int cj, const int ck, bool& noTile) const;

   If no tile exists at the global cell coordinate (ci,cj,ck), then "noTile"
   is set to TRUE, and the function returns -1.  If a tile does cover
   (ci,cj,ck) then the function returns the cell index and noTile is FALSE.

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