Modeling a Blanket : 3ds max Tutorial

blanket 3ds max
Modeling a Blanket using 3ds max
Here’s a simple way to model a complex looking Blanket with creases and correctly mapped object which indeed looks harder than you think to model.

I’ve used the normal lofting technique to model it ..look at the shapes below and the path on which these shapes were lofted.

loft shapes

the shapes were drawn with simple Lines and further editing them to the curves that you see. Why 3 different shapes ? Well different parts of the blanket has different curves generated in real life…so with the loft option we have Path Parameters.
Path = 0.0   ,    Get Shape #1
Path  = 16.0 ,   Get Shape #2
Path  = 20.0 ,   Get Shape #3
Path = 80.0 ,    Get Shape #3
Path = 84.0 ,    Get Shape #2
Path = 100,      Get Shape#1

loft parameters

The below image shows you the placement of the shapes on the Path

loft position can adjust your shapes to get better looking creases which suite your scene.

The image below shows you how the mapping will look after texture is applied to it.

blanket 3ds max

Hope it was useful to you…

Good luck modeling

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