Maxwell 1.7.1 : 3ds max plugin update

maxwell render

Maxwell is a stunning Rendering Engine for 3ds max, maya

Modifications in Maxwell v1.7.1 are:
- Fixes SSS with instances
- Fixes SSS + MXI/ HDR emission textures
- Fixes coatings without BSDF
- ISO/Shutter sliders in the MXI tab and Multilight panel are now synchronized
- Fixes problem loading/saving presets with some locale settings
- Fixes several network rendering issues with Mac OSX
- Fixes potential crash loading scenes with corrupted geometry
- ‘Look at selection’ now only moves the camera target
- Fixes texture display refresh issue when applying materials with textures
- Fixes issues when switching ‘UV projector type’ from ‘Locked’ to another type
- Fixes loading materials by clicking on the material column in the object list
- Fixes grouping objects that are already inside a group
- Fixes some other issues grouping objects
- Grouping objects now has an ‘undo’ CTRL+Z option
- ‘Merge objects’ has been fixed so the geometry is kept in its place
- Fixes issue loading objects with an invalid transformation matrix
- Fixes bad normals on mirrored objects in the Max plugin
- Fixes Max plugin incompatibility with V-Ray materials in Max MultiMaterials

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