Marvelous Designer Clo3d development update

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CLO Virtual Fashion has updated the future development plan for its Marvelous Designer cloth design and simulation software. The 2012 Q1, Q2 and Q3 update plan

Quarter 1 2012

- Quad mesh
- Pin Synchronization
- Internal Line Crossing, Internal to Boundary Crossing
- Friction (for Cloth-Cloth and Avatar-Cloth) Setting
- Pac File Viewer
- Mac Version
- Linux Version
- Sewing in 3D
- Bump map
- Multi-Avatar, Hair and Accessory Add
- Fabric(Material + Physical Properties) Setting
- KES(Kawabata Evaluation System) Data Import (CLO 3D Only)
- Draw line on 3D and 2D patterns

Quarter 2 2012

MD3, CLO 3D 2012 release, all the following features will be added in this new version;
- Pattern Editing in 3D
- Symmetric Pattern Editing
- Stitch Design and Rendering
- Pattern Grouping
- FBX Loader



(TBD, probably done after Q3, 2012)
- SVG Loader (CLO 3D Only, but not confirmed)
- Cross Section Display for Avatar and Cloth
- Ruler for Avatar and Pattern
- Rigid Body Simulation
- Undo in 3D Window
- 1 to N sewing (CLO 3D Only)
- Button (CLO 3D Only)
- Zipper (CLO 3D Only)
- Hem, Piping (CLO 3D Only)
- Pattern Cutting (CLO 3D Only)
- Baseline Drawing (CLO 3D Only)
- Line Segment Point to Curve Point Converting

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