LuxRender 1.0 Released

3d exterior Luxrender
Luxrender is an unbiased rendering engine. The latest version of Luxrender 1.0 includes

- Improved GPU acceleration

LuxRender 1.0 builds on the GPU-accelerated "hybrid sampler" renderer introduced in v0.8. Hybrid offloads ray-intersection calculations to the graphics card using OpenCL.

- Updated materials
LuxRender 1.0 includes a new metal material, metal 2. Metal 2 supports custom colors and textures, as well as measured data from Sopra and Luxpop Nk files and arbitrary IORs.

- Multi-step motion blur

Motion blur in LuxRender 1.0 now supports multiple steps over an arbitrary amount of time, rather than a single transform relative to the frame time.

- Core improvements

Under the hood, LuxRender 1.0 features numerous updates, including a multithreaded film buffer, more robust networking, a new acceleration structure, an updated light sampling system, and numerous bug fixes.

- GUI improvements
The main LuxRender GUI has been cleaned up for better usability and aesthetics. The render viewport now supports alpha transparency.

- Network improvements

The networking code has received a lot of updates, making network rendering easier and more robust.


LuxRender 1.0 adds an experimental stochastic progressive photon mapping integrator. Rather than building a single photon map then rendering it as in traditional photon mapping, SPPM builds a map of the "view" of the camera, fires photons to light this shot, and then repeats this process again with a new rendering of the view and a smaller photon radius.

- Normal mapping
Luxrender 1.0 introduces its support for the Long awaited feature..Normal Mapping. Normal maps in LuxRender can be applied to any material, and (if desired), multiple normal and bump maps can be stacked arbitrarily on the same material using the multimix texture.

LuxRender offers support for 3DS Max via the LuxMax script

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