LumenRT 3.0 released

lumenRT 3

Below is a list of new updates in LumenRT version 3.0


- Draft Export icon creates LiveCubes within seconds!
- Up to 10x faster rendering of LiveCubes with full indirect lighting
Standard quality mode generates a fast lighting approximation with global illumination!
Export models and animations
- Automatic animation smoothing produces flowing motion
- High degree of material correlation with automatic bump mapping
- Support for blurry, varnished, translucent and luminous materials
LumenRT material editor lets you adjust materials directly inside SketchUp!
- User selectable atmosphere and horizon


- Screen Space Ambient Occlusion enhances draft exports
- Navigation help bar guides newcomers
- Simple, multi-mode navigation (animated, walk-thru, fly-thru and orbit modes)
- State-of-the-art DirectX 9 or 10 and OpenGL real-time engine offers super-fast GPU performance!
- Multiple real-time quality settings to produce smooth motion on all hardware
- Lens flares
- Animated characters and animals
-: Vegetation blowing in the wind
- Reflective, varnished, blurry, translucent, luminous… material surfaces
- Low quality real-time rendering mode for slower boards!

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