iPi Soft Motion Capture 2.0 released

iPi Soft is proud to announce its new version of iPi Motion Capture version 2.0. the next generation in the company’s scalable line of markerless motion capture technology. Featuring improved accuracy and workflow enhancements, the new version increases support for female characters, as well as an array of motion sensor devices, including ASUS Xtion and Kinect for Windows.

Key Highlights of iPi Motion Capture Version 2.0

With the new iPi Motion Capture Version 2.0, customers will take advantage of:

- New actor appearance models and skeleton structure with improved accuracy in multiple person tracking, props tracking and head/hands tracking
- New project file format, including data for fingers and props
- Improved tracking accuracy
- Optimized tracking of female characters
- New custom “iPi Video” format with useful features specific to motion capture use
- Better video compression offering higher compression ratios, a plus for users dealing with large amounts of recorded video
- Support for new devices: ASUS Xtion and Kinect for Windows
- Depth and RGB video recording for ASUS Xtion sensor
- Support for latest official Kinect for Windows drivers
- Workflow improvements such as “New project” wizard that makes it easy for new users to get started, and “Recent files” caching for advanced users.

ipi motion capture


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