FurryBall RT 1.1

furryball 1.1
FurryBall 1.1 the raytrace engine features
 - Now we are ready for Linux and OSX (hopefully come later this year)
 - Response in viewport is about 10x faster than old FurryBall 4.8
 - Interactive post-processes (tune post processes without re-rendering) (Glow, Chromatic Aberration, Gamma…)
 - Interactive post-process Noise reduction (Whole image compare)
 - Easy interface – quality can be tuned by one parameter
 - Better quality (more physically accurate)
 - Unlimited number of GPUs
 - Tile rendering (Unlimited resolution output)
 - Physically based materials and lights
 - Physically based Indirect lighting (Global illumination)
 - Less GPU memory
 - Physically based DOF – NO extra render time!
 - Real Motion blur – Video
 - Maya Particles and NParticles – Video (Fume FX and Krakatoa come soon we hope)
 - Render passes – now NO extra render time
 - Unlimited layered shaders
 - IPR render support
 - Shave & Haircut and Maya hairs (Yeti come soon we hope)
 - Curve rendering
 - Raytraced Maya Fluids
 - Improved Carpaint material
 - Improved SSS material
 - Ramp shader with texture
 - Layered textures
 - Hair shader
 - Subdivision and Displacement (based on Open subdiv)
 - Vector Displacement
 - Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)
 - New FurryBall lights
 - Color matte pass (unlimited number of colors)
 - Support for Arnold, V-Ray and Mental Ray shaders
 - BiFrost (mesh rendering)
 - Xgen (splines and spheres only)
 - Much, much more…. complete list of features
   Missing something? Let us know!

Read More : http://furryball.aaa-studio.eu

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