Free Useful maxscripts for 3ds max to Download

Advance Painter
Advanced Painter is a modular brush-based distribution tool derrived from the Nature Painter script. This tool comes with 7

- Grass: to create grasses; Grass: to create simple grasses
- Hair [new]: used to create simple hair/fur (or as guide hair for Shag:Hair
- Randomizer [new]: a variation of Scatterer used to randomly distribute a selection of objects.
- Stone: to create simple stones and peebles.
- Spaghetti: spaghetties, noodles, wires and other long things maker.
- Scatterer [updated]: a generic but powerful object scattering tool.
- Toothpaste: the fun but not-so-useful toothpaste generator.

HCG asset browser

- Display thumbnails of your models (an image with the same name of the max file needed )
- Example models to show how to arrange your own libraries
- Merge as vrayproxy: convert the model and save .vrmesh
- Merge on references: the model will replace the selected objects, good to replace autocad blocks
- Paint mode over surfaces good to vegetations and other models

Material Converter

Relink Missing files

If you end up in missing links for your 3ds max scene bitmaps and you have to find them manually .. This is one of the best and usefull maxscripts I’ve been using to relink the missing bitmaps simply by selecting your disk drives and it finds it automatically.

VRayMtlConverter v2.5
A simple MAXScript to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks regarding converting some types of materials (currently: Standard, Raytrace, Brazil Advanced and fr-Advanced) to VRay Materials – and also fixes some parameters of materials of previous versions V-Ray (1.09.xx) in view of changes in new versions V-Ray (1.46.xx and 2.0 SP1).

Render different types of masks (luminance, RGB, env.reflection, vector, light). The script don’t affect the scene materials, lights and render settings.

AvizStudio Tools – ATiles
ATiles is scripted 3ds Max plug-in for quick creation of tiles, paving floors, brick walls, roof tiles, fences and other objects of repeatable elements for architectural visualizations.

Render 3D
Simple script for rendering in 3D (Anaglyph / Polarized / Stereo Pair. Supports ColorCode 3-D (Amber/Blue), Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta, Polarized, Stereo Pair, and separate Left / Right

Kitchen Cabinet Creator
Kitchen Cabinet Creator is the ideal program for users who require frequent design of kitchens, furniture and interior design as well for all of those who want with a couple of mouse clicks to fill some empty space and very easy and simple to do some things that otherwise take much longer.

Populate:Terrain is a scripted plugin for Autodesk 3ds max. It assists in creating and optimizing terrain surfaces for architectural visualization applications. Populate:Terrain fixes imported meshed CAD models or directly converts contour lines. The result is a clean quad based poly surface with user definable grid size.

CRC Car Rig Creator
The most easiest Maxscript Car Rigger for 3ds max. CRC is a free script for generating car rigs in few clicks.

- few clicks rig creation
- support uneven surface
- supports body, wheels, steering wheel and breaks animation
- i tried to make it as simple as possible

Copy \ Paste Biped animation
Additional Info:

This script method was inspired by Copy/Paste Obects by Christopher Grant.
It’s not a TRUE copy/paste via the windows clipboard – but it will let you very quickly copy animation bip from one file to


Select the biped objects with animation you want to copy. Run ‘copy bip’. Now run the ‘paste bip’ into either the same file

or you can load another instance of max and ‘paste’ animation bip into another biped.

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