Flamingo 2.0 SR1 : Raytracing and Radiosity for Rhino 3D

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Flamingo 2.0 Service Release 1
is out now for download. Flamingo 2.0 is a raytracing and radiosity engine for the popular CAD/3D application Rhino. Flamingo 2.0 Bug fixes are as below

1. Cast shadows can now be turned off and on using a script.
2. Crash Fixes:
- Cancelling a rendering sometimes crashed.
- Processing the lights in the scene prior to rendering sometimes crashed.
- Flamingo sometimes crashed when reading a Rhino model.
3. Evaluation version installer did not work with the Rhino 4 evaluation version installer. This is fixed.
4. Flamingo control panels now remember their previous locations.
5.Flamingo render window will now be visible if you mimize Rhino while rendering and then restore it when rendering is complete.
6. Groundcover works on closed curves and polylines.
7. Light Dome manager: Opening the light dome manager incorrectly collapsed the light dome tree in the Environment manager. This is fixed.
8. Lights with falloff values set are now rendered correctly.
9. When the License Manager cannot be contacted, Flamingo displays a message instead of crashing.

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