eyeon Dimension is Now Released

eyeon Dimension is two sets of tools, Stereo fixing and Optical flow tools.

Stereo Tools
The latest technology developed to solve intricate stereoscopic production issues, Dimension is comprised of an advanced disparity mapping toolset that offers facilities the ability to achieve essential image manipulation in real 3D space. The ability to go beyond simple transforms, the disparity set of tools allows for independent control over the left and right eye, and to adjust convergence and eye separation in real 3D.

Flow Tools
Dimension optical flow tools analyze sequence of images and will repair frames, remove scratches and dust, and smooth color variations and grain, and so much more.

With a number of feature films taking Dimension from proof-of-concept to production proven, the technical focus has been to solve a number of real world S3D production complications.

eyeon dimension
Move Cameras Freely For Ultimate Post Production Control
Highlighted S3D Solutions for:

    Polarization/color differences from mirror rigs.

    Defocus differences between two cameras.

    Timing sync differences between two cameras for temporal consistency.

    Alignment reparation.

    Re-convergence and eye separation.

    Interaxial shifting.

    Disparity generation.

    Disparity to Depth and Depth to Disparity transformations.

more @ http://www.eyeonline.com

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