DX Studioâ„¢ Version 1.30 Released

We are pleased to announce that a major new version of DX Studio™ is now available for download.

New features in this version include…

  • A brand new user interface with faster viewports and better quality icons.
  • New demos demo_asteroids, demo_arkanoid and demo_waypoints show the power of script to create games.  We’ve also added some user demos to show off what current DX Studio users are building and how it’s done.
  • A new fractal cloud system effect has been added.
  • Faster player – you should notice a performance boost in all of your documents.
  • You can now Freeze/Unfreeze objects so they don’t interfere with the editing process.
  • A new waypoint system – add ‘Waypoint’ objects, scale them up so the sphere covers the tolerance, then select and link them together. Use the object.path.createViaWaypoints function to then traverse them.
  • New events onCollisionBegin and onCollisionEnd notify just once about collisions.
  • You can now directly control an animation with object.animationSetPos("myanim", proportion, play); where proportion is between 0 and 1 of the whole animation, and play is true if it should play from this point or false if it should just hold the frame.
  • When you add the same mesh after modifying it, it should now just update the file and not create a new mesh entry.
  • Unicode support has been added throughout the product.

Download the new version 1.30 from here!

Many thanks for using DX Studio – please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in future versions.

DX Studio Team

Source : http://www.dxstudio.com/news_latestversion.aspx

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