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Changes for Vray 1.5 Service Pack 1 are:
Adds support for 3ds Max 2008
The V-Ray license server service now restarts automatically if it closes unexpectedly
VRayMtl now has texture maps for anisotropy and anisotropy orientation
The ‘Clamp output’ option now always affects the image
VRayProxy now works with the ‘Rescale World Units’ utility
Schlick sampling is now the only path sampler supported by V-Ray
Communication between V-Ray and the V-Ray license server is more reliable
Adds a ‘Taper’ parameter to VRayFur
VRayCompTex can now be used as a bump map
‘Affect background’ option now influences color mapping on matte object backgrounds
Restarting spawner no longer causes clients to crash
Fixes a crash when rendering renderable splines
Fixes a crash when using VRayDomeCamera
Fixes a crash when rendering VRayLight’s with the scanline renderer
Fixes multi/sub materials with both refractive and opacity-mapped materials
The V-Ray license server now lists the number of engaged/free licenses properly
The Panorama Exporter utility now works properly
Fixes a problem with VRayDirt and transparent objects
VRImg2EXR no longer adds additional empty channels to the .exr file
Fixes inconsistent noise patterns between identical frames in animation
- Fixes the VRayMtl material ‘Show map in viewport’ crash in VIZ 2008
Light cache samples taken now match the light cache Subdivs value
VRayToon now works with camera clipping
VRayLight now uses the GI environment override specified in the V-Ray Environment rollout
VRayLight with multiplier 0 now renders as if the light is off (faster renders)
Reduces memory consumption per connection for the V-Ray license server
VRaySun now produces shadow render elements
The composite material now works properly with transparent VRayMtl materials
Fixes slow rendering of objects with alpha contribution less than or equal to 0
Distributed rendering though BackBurner now works properly
Fixes VRaySky producing negative colors if the sun was below the horizon
Raw lighting render elements now respect opacity mapping
Fixes a problem with unassigned maps in the V-Ray scene converter script
Objects not visible to GI no longer block caustics
Glossy materials now work with VRayEdgesTex as bump map
Fixes irradiance map sample distribution with color mapping options
VRayWrapperMtl now works inside a VRayBlendMtl material

Download Vray 1.5 Demo ….

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