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vray rt gpu
The so expected GPU based rendering tool by Chaos Group is now in public beta. The GPU version of the interactive rendering engine V-Ray RT for 3ds Max allows up to 30 times faster rendering times and real time interaction with the virtual environment within the 3ds Max. After the beta period the V-Ray RT GPU will become part of V-Ray 2.0 to deliver a complete and extremely powerful rendering solution for the demanding requirements of every production pipeline.

The V-Ray RT GPU Beta is open to all current users of V-Ray RT for 3ds Max.
In order to participate in the beta program a separate V-Ray RT GPU license is required.

To keep yourself up-to-date on the GPU loop, check out all the impressive features now available on GPUs and join the beta program:

• Real time interaction within 3dsMax
• Fully integrated within 3dsMax
• Progressive path tracing
• Production ready renders
• Open CL based
• Highly scalable
• Distributed rendering
• Cross-platform rendering
• Real time shading
• Real time lights set-up

How to become a beta tester
Requirements: Be current V-Ray RT for 3ds Max user. If you would like to purchase V-Ray RT license in order to be eligible to beta test V-Ray RT GPU you will automatically receive a special upgrade price to V-Ray 2.0. For more information on V-Ray 2.0 as well as on the upgrade prices and policy please, click here.

Licensing: In order to run V-Ray RT GPU you have to obtain a separate license. Please, read the installation guidelines and follow the procedure carefully.

Installation process:
I. Download and install V-Ray RT GPU beta for 3ds Max. To do that log into our website with the credentials that were provided to you upon your purchase of V-Ray RT Advanced for 3ds Max. Using different credentials will not allow you to download the installation files from the download section of our website.

II. Use the automated system to license your copy of V-Ray RT GPU for 3ds Max.

1. Generate a WBC file
The WIBU Control File (.WBC) is a WIBU specific file that contains information about the number and type of licenses available on a WIBU dongle. It also allows Chaos Group to remotely reprogram a dongle with any number and type of licenses. To generate a WBC file please follow the procedure as follows:
• Make sure the dongle is plugged in and start a license server if it is not already running
• Open a web browser on the same workstation (Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for example) and type this into the address bar (this is a regular web site link):
Please type the link exactly as is it and press enter.
• When the "Success" page opens after the operation is done, save the remote context file (context.wbc) by right-clicking on the link and using Save Link As.. / Save Target As…;As…;

2. Log-in to our web site with the credentials that were provided to you upon your purchase of V-Ray RT Advanced for 3ds Max. This is important in order for the system to recognize you as a registered V-Ray RT Advanced for 3dsMax user!

3. Go to

4. In the first field provide a valid e-mail address for you to receive a file with extension ".rtu" that you need to reprogram the dongle with the additional V-Ray RT GPU for 3dsMax licenses

5. Browse and select the context.wbc file that was previously generated. Click upload

6. Once the system processes your request you will receive an e-mail with an ".rtu" file attached.
Please bear in mind that we have to process an enormous amount of requests, so you may have to wait up to 48 hours for us to process your request

7. Save the ".rtu" file

8. Make sure that the dongle, for which the WBC file was generated, is plugged in and the WIBU drivers are installed

9. Double click on the ".rtu" file.

The V-Ray RT GPU for 3ds Max licenses will be added to the dongle. The number of V-Ray RT GPU for 3ds Max licenses added to the dongle will be the respected amount as the number of V-Ray RT Advanced for 3ds Max licenses that are currently on the dongle.

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Pentium IV or equivalent with SSE2 support
Operating system: Windows XP Professional
3ds Max: version 2008 or higher
USB port (required for dongle)
TCP/IP: IPv4 required
GPU: nVidia 200-series (e.g. nVidia GeForce 285) with 512 MB VRAM
GPU drivers: version 197

Recommended Requirements:
Processor: Intel or AMD processor with 64-bit support
Operating system: Windows XP Professional 64-bit
3ds Max: version 2009 or higher
USB port (required for dongle)
TCP/IP: IPv4 required
GPU: nVidia Fermi series (e.g. nVidia GeForce 480) with 1.5 GB VRAM
GPU drivers: version 258

V-Ray RT GPU Limitations:
1. Procedural textures are not supported (only bitmaps are).
2. VRayBlendMtl and VRay2SidedMtl materials are currently not supported.
3. VRayProxy objects are not yet supported.
4. Camera vignetting, distortion and shift are currently not supported (however DOF is supported).
5. Not all light parameters are supported yet (e.g. affect diffuse/specular/reflections, portal lights and some others).

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