RANCH an authorized renderfarm for V-Ray-3ds Max projects.

V-Ray is a remarkable engine for advanced visualization in architectural and design projects, and we are extremely happy to offer the rendering service with the best price / performance ratio to V-Ray users", said Julien de Souza, PR Manager at RANCH.

vray dr

RANCH renderfarm currently offers a 1.53 THz / 512 cores guaranteed computing power for each V-Ray project rendered with 3ds Max 2009/2010 (animations or high resolution stills with full Distributed Rendering). One hour on the RANCH is equivalent to a several days render on a high-end computer.

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VrayRT for ArchVIZ

Peter Guthrie has made a small video demo showing the power of
VrayRT in Architectural Visualization. Vray has come a long way from the huge rendering competition and feels Vray would be a good solution for CG Artist of the future too.

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Vray Material Presets Pro for 3ds max : Macroscript

V-Ray Material Presets Pro is a powerful Collection of materials for 3ds max and V-Ray (MacroScript). It will includes shaders like: Metal, Glass, Leather, Liquid, CarPaint, Plastic, etc. You can pre-order it now with discount. If you pre-order it now, you’ll receive the beta version and free complete updates up to version 2.0.
SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro version 1.0 beta contains 216 V-Ray material presets.

vray materials preset

The Vray Material Presets Pro consists of
# Leather Materials – 19 presets
# Ceramics Materials – 58 presets
# Metal Materials – 64 presets
# Glass Materials – 22 presets
# Liquid Materials – 53 presets

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Vray Rendering Interior Tutorial

vray interior 3d
This Vray Interior Rendering tutorial covers the skills involved in Modeling, Compositing, Texture and Materials, Lighting and Rendering. The Vray Tutorial show how you model using 3ds max 6 and using the Vray Rendering Engine for the final results that were achieved. Certainly you can use other version of 3dsmax and Vray but it’s possible that you will not get the same result as it’s showed. Tutorial is very detailed so beginners should not be worried that they will not manage with this. But it’s usefull to know basic tools and interface in 3dsmax. You can also Download the Vray Scene file

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HDModels CARS Vol 3 : 3D CAR Models from Evermotion

3d car models evermotion
HDModels CARS Vol 3 is a set of 10 highly detailed 3D CARs which is ready for use in various rendering engines such as Maxwell, Vray, Fryrender and Mental Ray. The 3D CAR models are available in various file formats such as .fbx, obj, dxf, 3ds, Mxs @ Euros 360 + shipping.

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Call for entries: V-Ray Artist Spotlight

vray render spotlight
V-Ray artists around the world that would like to send their V-Ray image renderings for possible inclusion in their galleries and Artist Spotlight. Participation is free and provides the following benefits:

#1: Your own spotlight page with up to 8 featured images.

#2: You are featured on our main page on VRay.com.

#3: You are featured in our V-Ray newsletter.

Would you like to be featured in our artist spotlight? If so, please go through their requirements page at the following:


Vray The Complete Guide : Book

Vray complete guide
was born thanks to two year’s hard work, during which we tried to produce a high-quality handbook committed to VRay’s users. Not just a basic list of commands, but a special tool, composed by technical and theorical parts, by which you’ll be carried away! You’ll be able to find, through 1000 pages, 2300 images and 3200
renderings expressly created for this handbook. Enclosed you’ll also find a DVD-ROM containing 32 animations in .mov format, bearing examples otherwise impossible to understand via images only. It’s an unrepeatable handbook, difficult to find elsewhere: made up of 1000 pages, full colour, 20×28x5cm (other manuals are usually smaller: 17×23x3cm). Bound with extreme care, through paperback binding stitched with wire referendum and not simply glue, it holds up through the time. The hardback cover also is hardbound disk, allowing a better usability.

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Vray Rendering Night Scene setup Tutorial : 3ds max

vray night scene exterior render
A 5 Step neatly explained rendering a Vray Exterior Night scene Tutorial. Night Scene renders always has some or the other sort of complications to get good results..but with this tutorial you might be able to get some more tricks involved to get good vray night scene exterior building results.

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Vray Render Exterior Rendering Tutorial

vray render exterior
realistic rendering of a Autumn Season scene Tutorial by Andrea Polato using Vray Rendering Engine. Check out the Techniques involved in rendering the Exterior Autumn scene and how to achieve realism with Vray. Andrea has discussed the Tutorial in detail whereby you can learn how the texturing was done and the Lighting setup for such render results.

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Vray Exterior Rendering Tutorial

vray logo
A very nice
Vray Exterior Rendering Tutorial released by 3dWorld Magazine. Neoscape‘s Gus Capote explains how to use V-Ray to set up a photo-realistic exterior render. Here are the scene files and screenshots you need to follow the magazine tutorial.

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