Craft Animations Announces Free Real-time 3D Tools

craft director tools
Broadening its already widespread FreeWare catalog and extending real-time 3D animation to the masses, Craft Animations™ today announced free light versions of its highly regarded Craft Director Tools™. Created to introduce users of Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya to the benefits of Craft Director Tools, Craft 4-Wheeler Free, Craft ObserverCam Free and Craft Airplane Free all utilize cutting-edge research in advanced control systems to drastically reduce traditional animation processes without compromising quality.

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Download Xvid 1.2.0 stable codec release

xvid codec
This release is Xvid 1.2.0 stable release. It is API compatible with the previous 1.1.3 stable release. The new features in the Xvid 1.2.0 are listed below

Complete AMD64/EM64T 64-bit support
Added support for WIN64 platform
Multi-threaded encoding support
SSE3/SSE4 optimizations
Faster and more precise intra quantization
Fixed bug in packed pixel format colorspace conversion
Noexec-stack security patch
Fix for bad resync marker length
Improved decoder robustness for broken streams containing B-frames
Fix for potential out-of-bound access to MV bits table
Added SSIM quality-metric plugin

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CloudWright : Cloud Generator from Simul

cloud generator
Looking for Sky Background Textures ? Create your own Cloud & Sky Background Textures simulated generated from CloudWright. CloudWright is a technology from Creating extremely cool clouds and Sky backgrouds from your Games and 3D software renders. CloudWright uses the physics of light to create high-dynamic range, 360-degree panoramic skies. Save as cubemaps, sky gradients or individual images.

CloudWright Features :
-physically correct time-of-day sky coloring
-3D volumetric clouds
-anisotropic haze and fog
-cumulus, stratus and cumulonimbus cloud coverage
-interactive rendering
-cloud rendering to .hdr images, .jpeg, transparent .tga and .dds cubemaps
-combined or separate sky gradient rendering to .jpeg, .hdr and .tga
-real time interactive previews
-XML and binary files compatible with the Simul Weather SDK

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Tons of Free IES Lights for your 3D Interior Scenes

ies lights

Download More than 4661 IES Lights for your 3D needs to render with the perfect Lighting in an Interior scenes. The IES library contains lighting for Street Lamps, Peerless and more…Acuity Brands Lighting provides IESNA-formatted photometric data as an aid to lighting professionals who use lighting design software in the lighting specification process.

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Download SoftImage XSI 6.5 essentials evaluation

softimage xsi
Download 30 day trial SoftImage XSI 6.5 essentials.

This new trial version opens the door for customers to witness the full power and intuitive elegance of SOFTIMAGE|XSI 6.5 Essentials software, currently used by industry artists and technical directors (TDs) to create some of the most spectacular 3D content for motion pictures, games, commercials and music videos

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Download Modo 301 evaluation version

modo 301

The new version of modo 301 is ready for you to try! We have prepared an evaluation kit that is ideal for anyone who wants to take modo for a test drive.

The ready-for-download evaluation kit includes:

The modo in Focus series of (8) introductory videos that introduce key concepts and workflows in modo.

100% feature complete version of modo 301.

The full set of tutorials, PDF and help files.

30 day license to run on your Mac and PC

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