MathSurf Maxscript : 3ds max

snail shell
Mathsurf is a scripted plug-in for 3ds Max to create and explore mathematical surfaces and geometries in form of the standard editable mesh.This plug-in works as an extra create tool in category of geometries along with the parameters which can be used in animation to morphing the surface. This package includes over 60 predefined surfaces and ready to use.MathSurf will expand the mathematical functions embedded in max-script and make you able to create differential geometries such as Minimal surfaces. It also provides more efficient and user friendly interface to make your codes and formulas using the common controls and rollouts in 3ds Max interface.

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Furniture Panels Plugin for 3ds max

furniture panels
An Update for the Furniture Panels plugin for 3ds max 9 & 2009 is now available to download from Turbosquid. Furniture Panels plugin 2.2a allows you to create varieties of Furniture panels and shutters for your Kitchen, Wardrobe and Cabinet furniture. Download the plugin and give it a try since it is pretty simple and useful plugin for modeling 3d furnitures. Please note not to visit the original authors website since google gives a warning that the website contains malware/spyware..the author’s website

google warning message

So download the plugin from the below link which directs to Turbosquid.

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SuperPainter 2.0 : Maxscript for spreading Trees

super painter

SuperPainter 2.0 is basically a maxscript for 3ds max 8 – 2009 especially made to spread Trees and Plants around on a surface or mesh. You can adjust a variety of parameters such as number, type and weight of source objects, boundary spline, distance between cloning, random transformations and materials. It is possible to save and load script presets.

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DOFTOY for 3dsmax Script


This is a tiny little toy for 3dsmax to play around with the behave of a real analog Camera inside the 3dsmax camera.

This Toy is a hint for all 3dsmax users AND softwaredeveloper to start using and playing around with values from a real camera to setup Dof in 3dsmax…instead fakes or wrong Params!

There is no(?) renderer available for 3dsmax which calculates accurate DoF!!!!! The Renderers uses wrong or misleading names for the 80year old logic params for the optical behave of a camera. It’s so easy to understand and visualise the effect to the artist that i don’t understand that developer still try to confuse the users! *g*

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True Glass Shader

glass shader

TrueGlass Shader is a fantastic shader to achieve stunning quality realistic glass materials for your renders. TrueGlass is the simplified version of the l_Glass shader which never finished developing. True Glass simulates water inside Glass effect with excellent results.

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