Free Sky Texture Backgrounds to Download

I’ve uploaded 4 more Sky Texture Backgrounds and hopefully they might be useful to in your Exterior Building rendering scenes. Please make sure that you not sell or redistribute them ..its for personal use only.

sky texture background

Download Free Sky Textures

Free Sky Backgrounds Textures to Download

sky background
I took a few pictures of skies and thought to share them with all. Being a CG Artist you never know what kind of sky Background could be useful in your work. So feel free to Download 5 Sky Background Textures for your Exterior scene renders.

Download Sky Backgrounds

New Free 3D Textures Resource website launched

3d texture
a new website launched dedicated to 3D textures by the very talented Thomas Suurland. The quality and resolution is unmatched by any other site. The current average resolution is 101 megapixels per texture. Futher more free tools like the FloorGenerator and MultiTexture Map is given away for free to help improve your renderings.

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Bercon maps : Free Procedural Textures for 3ds max

bercon maps
The need for free textures for any 3d application never here are a few Free Procedural Texture maps available for 3ds max users to download from Bercon Maps. Bercon Maps contains Realistic wood, Bricks and Tiles, Noise,  Gradient, Distortion and more free procedural textures for your endless needs.

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Download Free 3D Textures

3d texture3d textures
3d texture

I’ve uploaded some Free 3D Textures to Download. Make use of them and remember to give credits to Mr. Furniture if you use them commercially. The 3D textures are not Seamless Textures but you can alter and make use of it.

Download Free 3D Texture here..

Free Rugs Texture

rug texture

Download 2 Free Rugs Texture for your 3D Interior Rendering use. Make sure you give the credits to if you use them commercially. The .rar file contains 2 .jpg rug texture files and no bump or displacement files so kindly create them using photoshop.

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