Free Waterfall Model for 3ds max

waterfall 3ds max
I just created a waterfall model for 3ds max for my commercial work but thought of sharing it with everyone..please note that it is a 3ds max 2009 scene and materials are created with use with mental ray rendering engine…apart from this do sell nor redistribute this is for your personal use only. Download the waterfall and have fun..

Download Waterfall 3ds max scene

Home office furniture

Free Mr.Furniture Models added

Mr Furniture designs

Download Free Furniture Models in .3ds file format from the Mr.Furniture website..Please note that you can use them in your commercial/non-commercial projects and should not resell or redistribute them.

Mr.Furniture Designs

Download Free IES lights

free ies lights
I came across a few very nice IES lights and thought of sharing them. Download the free ies lights and use them in your Interior Rendering scenes. The collection of 30 ies lights and all of them can help you generate a nice ambience lit interior environment for your renders.

Download ies lights

Download 3ds max 9 Bedroom Interior Scene

bedroom interior
Here’s an example of a Bedroom Interior Scene created in 3ds max 9. You can download the 3ds max 9 scene with the pre-calculated radiosity of a Bedroom Interior Scene for your learning. If you see the power and the final results of the native 3ds max’s scanline rendering engine together with Radiosity calculation you will surely like it since the radiosity in the 3ds max scene is to be calculated only ONCE and you can simply animate the scene with your camera with the radiosity results intact. I’ve used the IES lights in the scene to produce the results that you see and I am sure you will learn alot.

4MB .rar size with IES and textures included

Download the Bedroom Interior Scene in 3ds max 9 file format with Radiosity calculated.

Free 3D Designer Chairs from HAG

hag chair
is a popular Seating Solution Brand Globally and is now out with its own Designer Chair free 3d models. You can download all the 3d models in .dxf file formats. Along with the .dxf they have detail drawing files of their designer chairs too. So start downloading the Designer chairs for your Interior Rendering scenes.

Read More..

Free Kitchen Rendering Scene : 3ds max 9

kitchen furniture
Here’s a free
Kitchen Layout Scene for you to download originally modeled in 3ds max 9 then exported to Lightscape and the Lighting setup with radiosity was done using Lightscape renderer…then the .LS scene was imported back to 3ds max and the results that you see. This scene does not have Textures with it but you can download and use the textures that you wish since all the UVW mapping already exists. The .rar file contains the .max 9 file format scene.

kitchen furniture

Download the 3ds max 9 format Kitchen Scene

Wardrobe Cabinet Designs : Free 3ds models

wardrobe cabinetwardrobe cabinet
wardrobe cabinetwardrobe cabinet
wardrobe cabinetwardrobe cabinet
wardrobe cabinetwardrobe cabinet
A new Collection of Wardrobe Cabinet designs for all you CG Artists. There are various designs of wardrobes in .3ds file format and they were modeled in 3ds max and rendered using mental ray and already have the materials applied to them so lit up your Living room or Bedroom 3d rendering scenes. All these free 3ds models are from Mr.Furniture so please note to give the credits to MrCAD if you make use of them and also please note that these are NOT royalty free 3d models and you will need written permission for commercial usage.

Download Wardrobe Cabinet Designs free 3d models

Living Room Furniture : Free 3D Models

wardrobe designwardrobe design
wardrobe designwardrobe design
The Living Room Furniture free 3d models which consists of Wardrobe Cabinets from the Mr.Furniture Collection. Feel free to download the 3D Furniture models and make them of use in your Living room interior rendering scenes. All the models have the materials applied and they are in .3ds (3ds max) file format. Originally created using 3ds max and rendered with Mental Ray.

Living room furniture Wardrobe cabinets

Wooden Shelve Furniture : Free 3D Models

cane shelvecane wooden shelve
wooden shelve
Download 3 more Wooden Shelve and Cane Furniture Free 3D Models for your Interior Rendering needs from Mr.Furniture. All the models are in medium res. Polygons. Please note that these are not Royalty free 3d models so you will need written permission for commerial use.

Download Wooden Shelve Furniture

Bedroom Furniture Designs : free 3d models

Some Bedroom Furniture Designs for your Bedroom Interior rendering scenes. All the models are available in .3ds file format. From now on all the Bedroom furniture and Bedroom related models will be available from

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