Making a Fighter Jet Plane – Hal Tejas in 3ds max

hal tejas 3d airplane
Here’s a nice 3ds max Tutorial for making a Figher Jet Plane Hal Tejas. The tutorial shows you the tricks on how to model a Fighter Jet plane from Blue prints and also covers the unwrapping techniques for texturing in 3ds max. I am sure it could prove useful to those who are struggling to start modeling from blue prints.

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Spline Modeling Tutorial in 3ds max

3ds max shark
Here’s a nice Spline modeling Tutorial for 3ds max users. With this tutorial you can learn how to make proper use of splines to create complex models such as a shark. I this tutorial you can learn from basics to the complex curves involved in creating the mesh with the use of splines.

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Vray Rendering Night Scene setup Tutorial : 3ds max

vray night scene exterior render
A 5 Step neatly explained rendering a Vray Exterior Night scene Tutorial. Night Scene renders always has some or the other sort of complications to get good results..but with this tutorial you might be able to get some more tricks involved to get good vray night scene exterior building results.

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Polygon Modeling for ArchViz : Video tutorial

vray exterior archviz
Here’s a Free Video Tutorial from Milan Stankovic which teaches you how to do polygon modeling for architectural visualization scenes in 3ds max and Vray.  You can watch the Video Tutorial online or download for later viewing.

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Animated Cloth Scene Tutorial : 3ds max 9

animated cloth curtain
This is a scene tutorial for Animating a cloth or a curtain with simple 3ds max 9 modifiers. You can loft your Cloth or a Curtain with simply 3 Splines at different lofting levels and with the help of Normalize Spl. modifier added to all the 3 splines and then adding the animated noise modifier and animate the cloth. Download the Cloth/Curtain 3ds max 9 scene and play with the values to get the best results for your work.

3ds max 9 Cloth / Curtain

How to make Grass in 3ds max ? : Tutorial

grass 3ds max
A very detailed 3ds max Tutorial by Thomas Suurland explaining to create Realistic Grass using 3dsmax. Well you would require to have some 3ds max knowledge in order to understand the step by step explained tutorial.

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Brazil Car Render Tutorial

brazil car render
Brazil Car rendering tutorial. Learn how to apply brazil materials and textures in 3dsmax. Together with this the tutorial teaches you how to arrange proper lighting and rendering parameters to get the best Car Rendering results.

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Underwater Scene Tutorial in 3ds max

underwater 3ds max
Check out the Underwater Scene Tutorial made using 3ds max and Rendered with Mental Ray. Alessandro Cangelosi developed this greatly detailed 3dsmax Tutorial which demonstrates the modeling, Lighting and Rendering skills with Mental Ray rendering engine.

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Vray Glass Scene Render Tutorial in 3ds max

Vray Glass

Download the 3ds max file to learn how to get a Realistic Vray Glass effect. You can download the Vray Glass Bottle Scene and tweak your settings to get good results. Well I’ve used the general max materials with VRayMap in the refraction slot and nothing fancy at all to achieve a good Vray Rendered Glass. The Below .rar contains the 3ds max 9 file format. So users using 3dsmax 9 – 2009 can make use of it.

Vray Glass Bottle

Download Vray Glass Bottle Scene.

Particle Flow tutorial to generate water drops

particle flow
A Very detailed Tutorial by Alessandro Cangelosi who teaches us how to Particle Flow for generating water drops falling from specified objects in 3ds max. Particle Flow in 3ds max is kinda complex to figure out the proper working but with this tutorial you will learn much more and can explore Particle Flow better in the future. Learn how to create the complex mountain rock in 3ds max using the simple max modeling options within this tutorial.

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