Cloth Ruffle Tutorial for 3ds max

cloth ruffle in 3ds max
Alessandro Cangelosi has posted a very nice tutorial to create the difficult modeling Cloth Ruffle tutorial. There is no need to use the polygon manipulation technique but just simple max cloth simulating tool within 3ds max.

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Making a Pillow and Blanket

marvelous designer
A very nice pillow and Blanket tutorial by Glauco Grimaldi. He made use of 3ds max and Marvelous designer 2 and you can see how easy it is to create realistic pillows and complex blankets. There is no sound in the video tutorial Glauco Grimaldi and explained each process step by step so it is easy to follow.

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How to create realistic 3D Rugs and Carpets ?

3d rugs carpets
Every newbie has this question on "How to create realistic Rugs and Carpets using 3ds max and Vray ?" .. Well Viscorbel posted some nice tutorial to create 3d rugs and carpets using 4 different methods. Viscorbel posted video tutorial of making 3d rugs and carpets using Vray displacement, Vray Fur, 3ds max native Hair and Fur and with Forestpack pro. It is a simple workflow to create have a look

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Simulating wind effect on Tree using 3ds max

tree animation in 3ds max
has posted a new video tutorial to simulate a tree animating as if in open that moves when the wind blows in 3ds max. The Video tutorial teaches you the simple use of SoftSelection and noise modifier. You can animate hundreds and thousands of plants. The tutorial uses 3ds max’s AEC primitive foliage and see how you can make differents ways to simulate the tree like the wind effecting it using soft selection.

Making Tire Dust using FumeFX

Alessandro Cangelosi has released a tutorial to create tire dust using FumeFX. The video tutorial teaches you from tire rigging and how to simulate the real motion together with creating dust for tires using fumeFX. It is a 44 minutes video.

tire dust using fumefx

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Creating Realistic Grass tutorial in 3ds max

realistic 3d grass

A simple Tutorial to Create Realistic Grass using 3DS MAX 2011. During the course of this tutorial you will learn the various options of 3DS Max’s Hair and Fur Modifier (WSM). The grass you’ll create will look great from a distance and more than decent in those highly coveted grassy close-ups.

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Video Tutorial to create Foam using Dreamscape

dreamscape foam

Check out the Video Tutorial to create using Dreamscape plugin for 3ds max. In this tutorial you can go more in depth taking a look at the foam generation.You can see how to generate it, how to export it as a bitmap sequence, how to control every single parameter to change its look. We’ll see how to add it to the shader, and how must be or not be used the map to have the right final rendering.

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Convert Vray Scene to MentalRay

mental ray interior
There are several ways of converting Vray scenes to Mental ray but no full proof method as of yet..alot of tweaking is always required to do the same. Learn from Jamie Cardoso who has written a nice tutorial explaining the way to convert vray scenes to mental ray scenes. Very useful tips explained.

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How to make a Sofa in 3ds max ?

A great video tutorial of Making a Sofa by Artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max 2009. This tutorial is divided in two parts and the total length of this video tutorial (without sound) is 70 minutes. This will explain you how you can model this stylish modern leather sofa inside 3ds max. This is very detailed and step by step shown video tutorial which will explain you everything without the need of sound.


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Mummy Returns Effect in 3ds max : Tutorial

particle system in 3ds max

Here is a Fantastic tutorial on how to create the mummy returns kind of effect using 3ds max’s Particle system.  A very in depth detailed tutorial by Paul who has explained every bit of creating this stunning effect in 3ds max. For those who are not well versed with 3ds max’s Particle Flow .. then you do need to check out this tutorial. Together with Particle system you can note how neatly paul managed to get the clean transition with the Gradient Material ..its really something to be watched.

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