Free Concrete Wall Texture

Concrete Wall Textures
concrete wall texture
concrete wall texture

Free Concrete Textures for your Exterior Render finishes for Buildings.

Download Concrete Wall Texture

Free Grass Texture

Free Grass Textures
free grass texture
free grass texture

Some Free Grass Texture for you Exterior Render Scenes

Download Free Grass Textures

11 Free Sky Background Textures

Free SKY Background TEXTURES
free Sky Textures
Free Sky TexturesFree Sky Textures

Feel Free to Download and use the FREE Sky Backgrounds for your Exterior Renders

Download Here

31 Free 3D Textures added


2Textured added 31 new Textures to its collection. Feel free to Download them

Free Textures Download

Creating Realistic Skin Texture with FinalRender Stage-1 2.0

Realistic Skin Texturing with FinalRender
Realistic Skin Texturing

"Cebas asked me whether I could do a tutorial on creating realistic skin in their finalRender Stage-1 R2.0 after seeing some of my test renders (some o them can be seen below this text) on the beta forums while we were testing the new fS-FastSkin shader which comes out in the new finalShaders 2.0 package. It’s a great, fast and very easy to setup material, or rather a material container, so working with that is really easy. I did the video tutorial, which is around 40 mins., rather than focusing purely on the fS-FastSkin material, more general and artistic in a way. Of course I explain how the material works but I also go deeper in the subject and talk about general principles and techniques used for skin shading in advanced renderers."

Download Free Realistic Skin Texturing Video Tutorial

Textures from 2Textured


2Textured is a new and innovative site which provides a wide variety of Textures for your 3D Illustrations and Architectural Visuals. Textures for 3D Interiors and Exteriors both can be found. Quality stock photo Textures for a reasonable price.

Free Floor Textures

Some more FREE FLOOR TEXTURES for your 3D Interior Design Renders

floor textures

floor texturefloor texture

Download Link for the Free 3D Textures :


Free Denim & Fabric Textures

Download the Free Denim and Fabric Textures for your Interior Rendering Visuals. Please check the site regularly for more Free 3D Textures … more coming soon…

denim texture


Denim TextureFabric Texture
fabric Texturefabric texture
fabric TextureFabric Texture

2 Denim Textures :

11 Fabric Textures


FREE 3D Textures – Floor and Grass

Feel free to use the below Floor and Grass Textures in your renders. You can download the zip file of the Free 3D Textures below.

Download Floor Texture
Floor TextureFloor Texture
Floor TextureFloor Texture
Grass TextureGrass Texture

The Zip File contains 11 Floor Textures and 2 Grass Textures

Business People Textures from Got3D

100 Business People Textures with Matching Alpha Textures.

Standing, Walking and Sitting Poses are included.

Four angles for each pose.

3518 Average Vertical Texture Resolution – See Dimension Sheet for details.

All People Textures are saved in High Quality .JPG format.

Image Dimensions:
Click here for the “100 Business People Textures” Dimension Sheet.

Source :

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