R|Shader Collection for 3ds max

Alessandra Cangelosi has finally released his procedural r|Shader Collection for 3ds max. The shaders include Ice, Ocean, Sand, Snow, Ice Land, Snow Land, Magma and plain ground. Majority of it was developed during R&D phases on commercial international projects like movie blockbusters, videogame cinematics, commercials etc. The R-Shaders are compatible with Scanline Render and Mental Ray, plus general support for 3rd party products like V-Ray, FinalRender, Brazil R/S and NodeJoe/Slate.



Download PhotoSculpt 1.0

PhotoSculpt 1.0 is a stunning and impressive application that allows you to generate 3D models and 3D textures from any sort of 2D images/pictures. PhotoSculpt uses photogrammetry techniques to generate its final results and I am sure you should give it a try
. A Demo version for PhotoSculpt is available to download and if you like it you can buy it since its not costly for the work it does..


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Very useful Floor Generator Maxscript

wooden floor
A very nice Floor Generator Maxscript which allows you to create endless combination of different wooden floor or say maybe concrete wall designs. With the combination of the multi texture map script you can create variations in floor colors on the fly.

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Free Sky Backgrounds Textures to Download

sky background
I took a few pictures of skies and thought to share them with all. Being a CG Artist you never know what kind of sky Background could be useful in your work. So feel free to Download 5 Sky Background Textures for your Exterior scene renders.

Download Sky Backgrounds

CloudWright : Cloud Generator from Simul

cloud generator
Looking for Sky Background Textures ? Create your own Cloud & Sky Background Textures simulated generated from CloudWright. CloudWright is a technology from Creating extremely cool clouds and Sky backgrouds from your Games and 3D software renders. CloudWright uses the physics of light to create high-dynamic range, 360-degree panoramic skies. Save as cubemaps, sky gradients or individual images.

CloudWright Features :
-physically correct time-of-day sky coloring
-3D volumetric clouds
-anisotropic haze and fog
-cumulus, stratus and cumulonimbus cloud coverage
-interactive rendering
-cloud rendering to .hdr images, .jpeg, transparent .tga and .dds cubemaps
-combined or separate sky gradient rendering to .jpeg, .hdr and .tga
-real time interactive previews
-XML and binary files compatible with the Simul Weather SDK

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HDRI Images updated from HDRI Locations

HDRI-locations has been updated its collection of HDRI Images with new locations, some of them are in low light around sunset/dusk/dawn which are particularly good for black cars. Also updated the examples section with some more renderings. You can try out the FREE HDRI samples available from HDRI locations

audi a3

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ImageARC : Textures and Image assets

ImageARC is back online. ImageARC has loads of Textures and Images for your Rendering needs. Download high quality, High resolutuon Textures and photographic assets for 2D and 3D artists. There is a wide variety of Alpha Plants, Alpha Trees also which can be handy for your scenes.

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Free Wood Textures

wood textures

Some more FREE Wood Textures for you 3D Rendering needs. Different sorts of Teak wood in Medium Resolution .jpg file formats is available free to download.

Download Free Wood Textures

GroundWiz Terrain Map

exterior rendering with groundwiz

GroundWiz Terrain Map is a very good solution for your Grounds for your Exterior Rendering Images espectially for ArchViz users. GroundWiz Terrain Map, an easy to use and a powerful procedural 3D terrain map for Max, will bring you much power and control for generating realistic terrain textures. Furthermore, GroundWiz Planter, a mass placement and instancing tool, handles millions of objects in 3ds Max. It will help you merge vegetation, rocks and other nature elements and quickly create realistic interactive scenes of nature & landscape. GroundWiz also has a support with Mental Ray and has a MR shader which enables MR to render the GroundWiz procedural maps.

You can download the Lite version of Free GroundWiz Terran Map

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Seamless Textures from PixPlant

PixPlant is a texturing tool that creates seamless textures from common photos. Being based on photos, PixPlant adds an unlimited choice of realistic textures for 3D projects: pick an interesting real world image with repeated elements, run PixPlant and get a perfect seamless texture in
a few clicks.

PixPlant has now been updated to version 1.2 with important improvements that make creating seamless textures an almost trivial operation: 
- Includes a straightening tool allowing PixPlant to create textures even from photos with perspective distortion.
- An easy-to-use pattern grid tool is included, to adjust more difficult patterns.
- Now available in a fully-featured standalone edition, besides the Photoshop plug-in edition.

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