Free Denim Fabric and Wall Textures

denim fabric wall textures

Here are a few Free Denim Fabric and Wall textures for you ArchViz projects.
You can Download them from the below link

Free Denim Fabric Wall Textures

New 3D Cars Collection from bibika3d

3d range rover car

There is a new 3d Cars Collection released from Bibika3d is offering the total collection of 740 quality 3d car models. All the models are fully texture mapped and ready for using them directly in your scenes. Bibika3d offers 3 different 3d file formats for its collection..namely .max, .c4d and .mb. Bibika3d offers 5 years of free serivice as a present to its customers by sending them 3 new cars every month.

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The Making of Rome – 3ds max tutorial

3d roman building
Jing Zhang wrote for us a very nice tutorial "The Making of Rome" for 3ds max. Jing was inspired by chiesa do Santa Maria di Loreto. The tutorial teaches you the tips and tricks involved in creating Roman Architecture buildings in 3d The softwares used were Sketchup, 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop for post work. The basic modeling was done using Google Sketchup and then fine tuned in 3ds max. The columns and sculptures are from Jing’s own 3d database…and finally very nicely composed using Photoshop. Jing has provided all the details involved in the complex Material making, Lighting and Rendering and Post Production

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Drawing Toolkit for PhotoShop CS5 and above

photoshop nks
Nathaniel Reeves
has released a free
custom toolkit for Photoshop CS5 and above that provides a range of natural media, texturing and production tools. Features include:

- You can create backgrounds like real papers, notepads sketchbook, graph paper and hardboard
- Drawing options such as realistic pencils, pens and marker pens
- Realistic water colored brushes
- Tools like grits, sharpen, vignetting and more
- You can even add guidelines in rows and columns

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Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material 1.6

Allegorithmic has updated its new version of Bitmap2Material 1.6 which is a substance for transforming bitmap textures to seamless materials. Bitmap2Material also transforms Ambient Occlusion map, Height map and curvature map from your regular texture’s input. You can even make your textures seamless in a click which avoids the pain in manually making seamless textures within Photoshop.

The New Features include :
- Curvature map from an input normal map
- Ambient Occlusion map from an input normal map
- Height map from an input normal map


3D Trucks and Trailers released

vw constellation
Brazil based site Tres D1 has launched a
new collection of 3d Trucks and Trailers. The collection contains 20 models of trucks and trailers which can be composed and you can have 70 different combinations. Each model is modelled in detail and with high quality textures for Mental Ray and Vray.

How to make a Realistic Towel, Carpet and Grass in 3ds max

3d towel
A fantastic tutorial to make complex fiber texture which can be a good example on how to make a 3D Towel , Carpet or Grass with the same concept.To replicate this is cg, the obvious solution is to use a hair system to produce those fibers. The results will look good, especially close up, but that technique is perhaps overkill, especially if the object is off in the distance. Hair can be expensive to render, and time consuming to set up. So this tutorial explains a method to do objects such as Towels, Carpets or Grass using displacement.

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Substance Toolkit for Arch&Design

France-based Allegorithmic announced the release of the Smart Texturing Toolkit For Arch & Design, a selection of Substance tools and content for architects and designers. The bundle includes Bitmap2Material, MakeIt A Parquet, MakeIt A Brickwall and 11 specific Smart Tiles.MakeIt A Parquet is currently available as a free download. Create realistic parquet material from any wood essence in just a few seconds

Generating a parquet is one of the most complicated and longest task today. Indeed, in order to correctly recreate the look and feel of real life parquet floors, each floorboard must be unique, uneven with its own properties and defects.

We created a powerful, dedicated filter allowing to create unique parquet floors, recreating all the subtle imperfections that will give life to your imagery.

Pick a wood essence image as an input, and you will instantly obtain a full, customizable parquet material: change in real time the number and size of boards, choose a lineal or herringbone style, adjust the reflection, and much more!

substance material make it a parquet

55% off on CGAxis products

Poland based CGAxis has announced a spring sale offer of 55%. CGAxis has a wide variety of  and quality based collection of 3d models. The offer is applicable for all its collection which include Architecture, Bathroom, Plants, Food, Furniture and more…
Its a nice time to grab some collections for your daily use.

cgaxis sale

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Bitmap2Texture Review

Talented CG artist Joël LeLièvre reviews the latest version of Allegorithmic’s tool for creating seamlessly tiling materials from a single bitmap image

Bitmap2Material is a software developed by Allegorithmic that allows users to generate seamlessly tiling materials that include normal maps, height maps, specular maps, etc., all derived from a single bitmap image (usually a photo).

The main idea behind Bitmap2Material (B2M) is to speed up shader and texture production, and help users create realistic shaders natively inside their 3D software of choice. Currently 3DS Max 2012, Maya 2012, Flame and Unity 3.4+ are supported.


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