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FumeFX Presets for 3DS Max

Division8 released a new set of FumeFX presets. There are total 23 presets and ready to use of your commercial work within FumeFX. These presets work within 3ds Max 2010-2014 and after purchase you can digitally download them.

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Tree Generators for 3ds Max

3d trees 3ds max
Here are some list of plugins that allow you to create Trees for 3ds max.

The plant factory :
The plant factory has been recently released from e-on but the cgartist out there have
a negative opinion over the pricing. Well there are a variety of different licencing
available though and maybe you can check it out. The Plant factory looks very promising
from the features it allows you to generate all sorts of vegetation.

Exlevel GrowFX :
GrowFX has been out there for a quite a long time and with its continuous updates with
the users needs if right now on the top of the plant generator list. You can directly
create plants/trees within 3ds max and endless possibilities.

Onyx tree storm :
This is almost the oldest tree generators out there. Onyx is very useful for low poly
animated trees within 3ds max. Well it can generate high polys too..with limited
options available for tweaking. But yeah it does the work..

TreeGen :
This is a free plugin for 3ds max and allows you to generate trees with limited
options..but what the hell..its free..

Avizstudio Atree3d :
This is one of the most popular plugin which enables you to generate trees with quite a
few options..easy to use and easy to edit..its really a nice plugin as its FREE

Xfrog :
Well Xfrog is a nice tree generator..but now getting unpopular..rather its ready to use
models are used much more than its tree generating Software.

Laubwek Plants :

Speedtree :

AutoMap Beta from VizPark

automap vizpark
Vizpark Released a nice 3ds max plugin "AutoMap" that allows you to create height maps, specular maps and diffuse maps from any Bitmap. Automap’s algorithm provides great flexibility on generating material based from photos. Where specular highlights disturb the results and height maps are needed quickly for bump or displacement mapping, Automap is a great help to quickly generate these maps directly within 3ds max. Automap also supports Vray and Mental Ray.

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GrowFX 1.9.3 Beta

growfx 1.9.3
GrowFX is a Vegetation modeling Plugin for 3ds max and withe new features in GrowFX 1.9.3 includes
- Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2014 and 3ds Max Design 2014 (64-bit);
- Added the Displacement map for the Meta mesh builder;
- Added the Decay parameters for the Wind object;
- Added a new direction modifier Copy direction;
- Added a new parameters Count Rate % and Seed offset for all Distributors;
- Added the Local vector for Vector Orientation modifier;
- Separate conversion the GrowFX object to the mesh and to the spline;
- Added ability to convert separately paths to the splines;
- Added a MaxScript-access for opening/saving presets;
- Some minor bugs are fixed.

Also they’ve released a new free plugin: GrowFX MultiMap for 3ds Max 9/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014.

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V-Ray 3.0 sneak peak

vray 3.0
Vlado Koylazov presented some new features of upcoming V-Ray 3.0 at EUE 2013. He gave a sneak peek into some of the things we can expect to see in the next major version of V-Ray. though no guarantees were made about the features presented. Some features include

Faster brute rendering
Max ray intensity to help reduce fireflies
New progressive rendering image sampler
Optimised hair rendering
Vismat material support for 3DS Max and Maya to simplify material transfer between applications
Vertex merging GI algorithm that combines bi-directional path tracing and progressive photon mapping
Render Element support for V-RAY RT GPU

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CgAxis Summer Sale 50% Off

cgaxis models
Grab the opportunity to purchase high quality 3d models from CgAxis. CgAxis offers 50% off as a summer sale on its high quality 3d models. You can get quality 3D Furniture models collection for a cheaper price. The offer is valid upto 30th June 2013.

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Caustic Visualizer – Realtime raytracer for 3ds max

caustic visualizer
The new 3ds max raytracer plugin "Caustic Visualizer" has been released for beta testing from Imagination Technologies. Caustic Visualizer is an ActiveShade interactive raytrace renderer based on Brazil renderer technology which allows you to view and modify your scenes in realtime using 3ds max’s modeling, animation and lighting. Caustic Visualier allows you to use native 3ds max and mental ray materials and lights together with MIA materials.

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Free Olivetrees to download

olive tree pack 3ds max
Sergio Mereces released a pack of 9 free textured olive tree models for architectural use for your scene in 3 different file formats .max, .fbx and .obj. Pack of 9 olive trees contain (Diffuse, Specular, Normalmap, Displace) and Vray Materials. You can download the free Olive tree models from CGArena.

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Tubular Maxscript from jokermartini

Tubular maxscript
The new maxscript "Tubular" from Jokermartini allows you to create an array of circular/square objects. This tool allows users to create objects endlessly which its built in selection list. With this tool users can create bolts, screws, nuts, hour glasses, skirts, donuts, pencils, tubes, cylinders and much more. The script only cost $2 and you will receive the updates for free.

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