55% off on CGAxis products

Poland based CGAxis has announced a spring sale offer of 55%. CGAxis has a wide variety of  and quality based collection of 3d models. The offer is applicable for all its collection which include Architecture, Bathroom, Plants, Food, Furniture and more…
Its a nice time to grab some collections for your daily use.

cgaxis sale

More at : http://www.cgaxis.com/cmspage.php?page_id=13

Color Tools and Crossmap plugins in open beta

Vizpark has announced its two new plugins in open beta which is designed to add variation to your objects. Color Tools allows you to extract up to 100 colors from any photo and randomly assigns them to objects, object elements or even procedural maps in 3DS Max. The plugins are compatible with the scanline renderer, Mental Ray and V-Ray, and also works with Multiscatter and Forest Pack Pro.

The Crossmap plugin is a shader that randomly distributes bitmaps on geometry (objects, elements, faces etc.). Just select a folder with bitmaps and Crossmap does the rest.

vizpark colortools plugin
vizpark crossmap plugin

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Tree Generator Maxscript for 3ds max

A very nice and usable Tree Generator Maxscript. Ryan Smith has released a beta of his new free tree generation script. You can create varieties of low poly trees for your 3ds max projects. You can check out the small video tutorial on how to use this script and what it is capable of doing. It is very simple to use it to generate your Trees.

tree generator maxscript

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R|Shader Collection for 3ds max

Alessandra Cangelosi has finally released his procedural r|Shader Collection for 3ds max. The shaders include Ice, Ocean, Sand, Snow, Ice Land, Snow Land, Magma and plain ground. Majority of it was developed during R&D phases on commercial international projects like movie blockbusters, videogame cinematics, commercials etc. The R-Shaders are compatible with Scanline Render and Mental Ray, plus general support for 3rd party products like V-Ray, FinalRender, Brazil R/S and NodeJoe/Slate.



CGAxis Exotic 3D Plants Collection Vol.15

CGAxis is out with yet another Exotic 3D Plants Collection. The exotic plants collection volume 15 contains 20 highly detailed 3d plant models of exotic plants with pretextured and materials together with the collection. The exotic 3d plants collection is available in various file formats listed below
FBX 2011,
3ds max – VRay,
3ds max – Mental Ray,
3ds max – Scanline,
Cinema 4D,
Cinema 4D VRay.

3d plants from cgaxis
The models are compatible with 3ds max 2008 and higher versions.
Below is the list of plants available in the exotic 3d plants collection
01 – Areca Catechu / Areca Palm
02 – Arenga Saccharifera / Sugar Palm
03 – Phoenix Dactylifera / Date Palm
04 – Cocos Nucifera / Coconut Palm
05 – Jubaea Chilensis / Chilean Wine Palm
06 – Elaeis / The Oil Palms
07 – Scheflera Actinophilla / Umbrella Tree
08 – Strelizia Nicolae / Wild Banana
09 – Yucca Elegans / Yucca
10 – Washingtonia Robusta / Mexican Fan Palm
11 – Phoenix Canariensis / Canary Island Date Palm
12 – Callistemon / Bottlebrush
13 – Dracena Draco / Canary Islands Dragon Tree
14 – Cordyline Indivisa / Mountain Cabbage Tree
15 – Yucca Brevifolia / Joshua Tree
16 – Musa Acuminata/ Wild Banana Tree
17 – Eucalyptus cladocaylx / Sugar Gum
18 – Adansonia / Australian Boab
19 – Ficus carica / Common Fig
20 – Citrus Sinensis / Orange Tree

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100 Free Particle Flow Presets for 3ds max

particle flow preset
Since the Release of 3ds max 2010 ..Max has shipped over 100 particle flow presets that users can make use of in their various projects. They are available in every copy of 3ds max but not a part of the default install. With the presets you can take four advantages of elemental effects such as Air, Earth, Fire, Water and as well as "Logo" presets for motion graphics.

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Maxwell Render v2.5.5 for 3ds max,Softimage XSI,Maya

designer gemstone ring
Maxwell Render for 3ds Max
Version 2.5.5 Release Notes

• added SSS presets to the material wizard
• material previews are rendered internally, without starting a separate Maxwell Render process, and can use the RS0 engine
• added a plug-in option to refresh material previews automatically when the material changes
• added an option to re-export the geometry for Maxwell Fire at every object change, instead of just the position
• added a reexport button to the Maxwell Fire window
• motion data is exported when the motion vector channel is enabled, even if motion blur is off
• added a production/draft toggle in the global render options

• RFRK meshes didn’t render in Maxwell Fire
• the Maxwell Fire window stopped updating if it was cloned
• emitters were broken in Maxwell Fire if Multilight was on in the global render options
• emitter MXI files weren’t loaded when importing a MXM file
• crash when opening render options and a daylight system exists in the scene
• the gizmo for the Maxwell RFRK object was wrong
• crash when adjusting the camera settings

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Kitchen Cabinet Creator : Maxscript

kitchen cabinet
Kicthen Cabinet Creator is a free 3ds Max Maxscript which allows you to creator all sorts of furniture cabinets required to create varieties of Kitchen models. Kitchen Cabinet creator generates various combination of kitchen design in a few mouse clicks..do check it out…

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Vray 2.0 is out for 3ds max

V-Ray is the rendering engine of choice for architectural visualization artists.  Based on a recent  CGarchitect Architectural Visualization Industry survey, V-Ray is used by over 70% of the industry. If you’re not using V-Ray, you should be!

V-Ray is the solution of choice for many 3D production houses due to its capability to deliver high quality photorealistic images in the shortest time.

Top companies like Spine3D, Neoscape, Pure, and Assembly Studios all use V-Ray to produce some the world’s more recognized and high quality architectural visualizations and films.

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Create Roof Tiles for 3ds max

roof tile in 3ds max
Displacement Roof Surfaces"

Digital X has released a new roof tiling displacement script for 3ds max. At the moment the script focuses on barrel tile roofs only, however future updates will include other types of tile, metal roofs, and shingles. It works by creating the materials and displacement maps and then applies proper UV coords to your existing roof geometry. After the script has run you can interactively change the tile color, contrast, and tile size as well.

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