FumeFX Presets for 3DS Max

Division8 released a new set of FumeFX presets. There are total 23 presets and ready to use of your commercial work within FumeFX. These presets work within 3ds Max 2010-2014 and after purchase you can digitally download them.

Read More : http://www.divisionof8.com/3ds-max-fumefx-presets-v1/

SoulburnScripts for 3dsmax updated

3d lizard
Neil Blevins
updated his collection of Soulburn script.. the new update is added with some useful tools like groupWithPoint, objectReplacer, selectionHighlighter, surfaceSnapper, transformSelector. The new update is now compatible with 3ds max 9 – 2013.

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Ornatrix 2.0 released

Mass FX dynamics
 -  Uses the latest Mass FX for speed and stability
 -  Interacts with all 3ds max Mass FX objects

New Interpolation methods
        Added: A new hair from guides interpolation method (segment) that more accurately interpolates hair between two or more guides

Full Vray support
 -  Fine hair rendering
 -  Vray hair shaders
 -  Vray Motion blur
 -  Global Illumination
 -  Area and Soft shadows

New multi-threaded code
 -  HairFromGuides modifier is now multithreaded
 -  HairClustering modifier now uses parallel evaluation (multi-threading)
 -  Mesh from strands modifier now evaluates on multiple threads for cylindrical and
billboard mesh types
 -  Hair curling modifier is now multi-threaded
 -  Length modifier is multi-threaded

 -  Added floatable diagram to hair curling modifier
 -  Added: Gravity direction vector for "Ox Dynamics" modifier (X/Y/Z)
 -  In MassFX dynamics when surface/distribution object is present in the simulation the hairs are automatically attached to it at the root, otherwise they remain static/animated by original mesh
 -  Improved hair preservation in MassFX hair by making the spring parameter more sensitive
 -  Added directional gravity option to 2012 and earlier versions of Max (non-MassFX)
 -  OrnaEditGuidesInterface is now accessible in MaxScript with more support and methods
 -  Added edit guides brush options to the maxscript exposure
 -  Added length spinner to Strand Length
 -  Length modifier now has a map channel specifier to be able to work with mapping channels other than 1
 -  Added "base channel" option to Ox Mesh From Strands to allow using a specific base mesh UV channel for each output map channel in the resuling mesh
 -  Hair from guides modifier now respects the UV mapping index specified in modifier UI for distribution map
Bug fixes
 -  Fixed: Crash on specifying Use UV in interpolation mode of hair from guides
 -  Fixed: Hair modifier stack not being evaluated above "Face Camera" billboard hair (Mesh from strands). When "Export Guide Mesh" is checked the "Face Camera" option is not applied now.
 -  2013: Re-enabled forces from scene for MassFX
 -  Fixed: A crash when changing strand count during MassFX preview
 -  Removed gravity parameters from MassFX hair simulation, these are configured globally by MassFX panel
 -  Fixed: Planting a new guide crashes Max after quick hair addition
 -  Fixed: Apply strand length to guides and change length fail
 -  Dynamics: changed default swing limit to smaller value,  changed default spring to a higher value, changed dynamics swing limit to use degrees instead of radians
 -  Fixed: Occasional infinite recursion crash in Ox Accurate Raytracer
 -  Fixed: Hair from guides can pass invalid face indices with current distribution mesh causing errors down the pipeline
 -  Fixed: Loading BakedGuides in Max 2013 causes errors with channel names
 -  Fixed: Crash one exit cause by hair clustering modifier
 -  Fixed: Mesh from strands crashing when applied to guide hair
 -  Fixed: Mesh from strands producing bad results and strand propagation modifier is used
 -  Fixed a crash in IHair::ComputeUVs when specifying an invalid mapping channel
 -  Fixed: Crash when collapsing a hair stack which has hair from guides modifier but not at the top of the stack
 -  Fixed bug with dense hair not returning proper hair channel values
 -  Fixed: Billboard hair facing parallel to camera instead of perpendicular
 -  Fixed: Cannot render billboarded hair when not referencing a camera
 -  Numerous other fixes


BenchMark Tests for 3ds max with GTX 580 vs Quadro 5000

Every 3ds max user has a question on which graphics card one should buy. Well Kim Lee and Lais Williams did some benchmark tests with GeForce GTX 580 vs Quadro 5000. Well the conclusion was we normally work 90%-95% on 3ds max viewports in this case Quadro 5000 would be useful and give you 2 to 4 times faster refresh viewport and if your task is to get some Cuda Cores in action then GTX 580 is the choice for cuda calculation. Well read the full benchmark test from the link below


Loading previous keyboard shortcuts in 3dsMax 2013

3ds max 2013
Jamie Gwilliam
at Autodesk UK explains us the procedure to load prior version 3ds max shortcuts in 3ds max 2013. The procedure is quite simple but you need to go through the method that has been explained so you do not end up in mistakes.


VRayEmbree helper for V-Ray 2.3

Embree is a collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels, developed at Intel Labs. The kernels are optimized for photo-realistic rendering on the latest Intel® processors
with support for the SSE and AVX instruction sets. In addition to the ray tracing kernels, Embree provides an example photo-realistic rendering engine. Embree is designed for
Monte Carlo ray tracing algorithms, where the vast majority of rays are incoherent. The specific single-ray traversal kernels in Embree provide the best performance in this scenario and they are very easy to integrate into existing applications.

The VRayEmbree helper is a V-Ray implementation of Intel’s Embree raycaster, courtesy of Chaos Group. It is specifically optimized for ray-tracing on Intel CPUs and can reduce render times with V-Ray. Speed-ups of up to 30% have been observed in some scenes.


RailClone 1.4.2 from ItooSoft

railclone 1.4.2
announced its new version of Railclone 1.4.2. RailClone is a 3ds max plugin for modeling parametric objects based on custom geometry parts. Railclone has a new unique concept of modeling that lets you create very complex and realistic models for ArchViz, Civil Engeneering and Interior design. The software includes a full library of preset models to create Fences, Railings, Barriers, Guardrails, Handrails or Walls. RailClone is not limited to a fixed set of primitives, you can use any geometry from the scene and define your own parametric structures.

The New Features in RailClone 1.4.2 include

- More than 140 new models added to the Library, including Facades, Bleachers, Scaffolds, Parking Canopies, Sidewalks, Curbs, Steet Lights, Theater Seats and Park elements.
- Max 2013 support.
- The object is no longer rebuilt when the spline is selected, only when it is modified.
- The version used to create/edit the Forest object is accessible by Maxscript with the "savedversion" property. This value is updated when saving.
- The installer now supports unattended installation. Use /? in the setup program to see the parameters.

Download RailClone 1.4.2 Lite (free)


Happy Digital AutoGrass updated for 3dsmax 2013

Happy Digital updated its new version of Autograss 1.0.3 which supports 3ds max 2013 now. Autograss is a single click solution for creating various kinds of grass for your visual needs. Autograss creates photorealistic grasses that renders in V-Ray for 3ds max. Autograss uses advanced memory management system which allows the computer to use only a fixed amount of RAM no matter any amount of grass you have within your scene. Model a one acre lawn or an entire golf course you are still limited to minimum RAM usage. Its fully multi-threaded which allows you to use all the cores available on your computer. Autograss has realistic grass presets so its very easy to use…just a one click grass solution for V-ray in 3ds max.autograss


Mighty Tiles v1.0 for 3ds max 2008-2012

mighty tiles
MightyTiles is a 3D Studio Max (2008 – 2012) plugin that procedurally creates realistic looking tile-based textures, like brick walls, tile floors, parquet, cobblestone pavements, and many more! These tiles are created from photos of single bricks, cobblestones, etc. Just select a set of tiles and MightyTiles creates a high resolution texture for you! During render time MightyTiles sticks them together alternating each tile by a set of adjustable random parameters. This saves you a lot of memory and lets you create huge high resolution textures made of millions of tiles! Forget about tiling artifacts (there are none) and mip-mapping (there is no need of them)!


Turboreverse for 3ds max

We all know if we have a low poly model and we need a better looking smooth 3d model we can simply use the turbosmooth..ah..and simply doing the opposite of Turbosmooth can be done using
Turboreverse for 3ds max. Its a great and very useful plugin if you want to convert your high res. poly models to low poly.

• It is now 100 times faster, being a native 3ds Max plugin, not a maxscript anymore.
• It has the ability to reverse just parts of your models based on your selection.
• It can reverse multiple iterations at a time


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