Kitchen Cabinet Creator : Maxscript

kitchen cabinet
Kicthen Cabinet Creator is a free 3ds Max Maxscript which allows you to creator all sorts of furniture cabinets required to create varieties of Kitchen models. Kitchen Cabinet creator generates various combination of kitchen design in a few mouse check it out…

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Create Roof Tiles for 3ds max

roof tile in 3ds max
Displacement Roof Surfaces"

Digital X has released a new roof tiling displacement script for 3ds max. At the moment the script focuses on barrel tile roofs only, however future updates will include other types of tile, metal roofs, and shingles. It works by creating the materials and displacement maps and then applies proper UV coords to your existing roof geometry. After the script has run you can interactively change the tile color, contrast, and tile size as well.

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3D Cars from Axyz Designs

3d cars
Axyz Designs released its new version of 10 3D CARs ready to use in 3ds max which includes materials for Vray and Mental Ray. Each 3D Car contains 15,000 polys approx and which can be altered using the TurboSmooth Modifier. All the 3D Cars are available in 3DS Max 9 + VRay. 3DS Max 2009 + Mental Ray and Mr Proxies included!

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MultiLight Maxscript for 3ds max 2009

multilight 3ds max 2009
The GTools_MultiLight Script for 3ds max 2009 allows you to interactively change various parameters like intensity, gamma, tint etc of each lights or self emitting material. So you can easily tweak the lighting according to your project and make varieties of options of lights for stunning lighting results and the best part is all this can be animated download the free script. The Multilight Max script supports various Rendering Engines for 3ds max such as Mental Ray, Final Render and Brazil.

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Tone Mapping in 3ds max

tone mapping in 3dsmax
has released some images of the research going on to display Tone Mapping within the 3ds max viewport.
For the last couple of releases autodesk been pushing the state of GPU acceleration in 3ds Max. Autodesk have a fantastic team of PhD experts along with Neil Hazard looking into how we can leverage GPUs more and more.

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Qube!™, the leading render farm updated

cube render farm

PipelineFX, makers of Qube!™, the leading render farm management software for film and post production, game development, and digital media education around the world, today announced that it has released updates and enhancements to Qube! interfaces to several leading digital media applications.

The Qube! 3ds Max interface has been updated to support the latest release from Autodesk, 3ds Max 2009. Using the integrated plug-in for 3ds Max 2009, users can easily submit jobs into the render queue and take advantage of Qube!’s dynamic allocation technology. Dynamic allocation maximizes render throughput by loading the application and scene file only once, and then sending single frames to each render host until the job is complete. Faster hosts finish first and are dispatched another frame. All without having to re-load the application and the scene file. Using dynamic allocation with 3ds Max 2009 also allows users to scale up or down the number of render hosts allocated to a job on the fly.

Qube!’s interface to e-on software’s Vue renderer exposes all of the rendering options available for rendering natural 3D environments.

Qube!’s interface for Robert McNeel & Associates Rhino 3d provides CAD and design professionals with an easy way to submit, prioritize and manage renders.

Qube! is a complete, reliable render farm management system that eliminates the need for a watch folder for Aftereffects users. The Qube! Aftereffects interface provides support for the latest CS4 release from Adobe. Users open a submission dialogue from within the Adobe application and submit their renders. Jobs can then be managed and prioritized through the Qube! GUI along with all other render jobs in the queue. A single render farm can then be used to manage all 2D and 3D applications, maximizing overall rendering throughput.

Qube!’s interface for Animal Logic’s Mayaman allows users to submit their Maya scenes to be rendered with RenderMan compliant renderers such as Pixar’s PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRMan), AIR and 3Delight. Renders can be managed through the Qube! GUI from any system on the network.

"Qube! Currently supports every digital media application on the market and we continue to pro actively enhance and update these interfaces to provide our customers with immediate access to the latest content creation software," said Troy Brooks, CEO of PipelineFX. “Qube!’s out of the box functionality across platforms and creative applications ensures our customers have an easy to use system without sacrificing next-generation render farm management features.”

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CityTraffic : CAR Traffic simulation plugin for 3DS MAX 9 -2009

city traffic

CityTraffic is a 3DS MAX 9 – 2009 plugin an Artificial Intelligence based animation application for creating traffic movement. A special road editor and automatic car setup substantially accelerates the preparation of scenes for virtual simulation. It offers a variety of options for every car, from suspension adjustment to driving style, giving you the ability to create more realistic movement. It includes dynamics calculation for motion on uneven surfaces, and the artificial intelligence helps cars to think and operate independently.

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DWF format reviewed thru Autodesk Design 2009

It seems that PDF is heading for a big competition with the Autodesk’s DWF format now getting popular. Well DWF has been in the market for a while starting from its DWF composer which was reviewed by AEC bytes 4 years back. The DWF has loads of capabilities to do with its 2D/3D formats which is really a handy tool to discuss amongst vendors and customers. With the support of exporting CAD and other 3D formats to DWF it could be real helpful tool for Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers.

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3D Studio to 3D Studio MAX 2009 .. The Version History

3ds max history

Wiki shows the History of Autodesk 3D Studio to 3ds MAX 2009 of 19 years success by Autodesk Inc (1990-2008). Autodesk has played a vital role in the 3D Market and have made huge progress as far as 3D is concerned. They almost captured the CAD market now its time they took away the Major 3D market too with 3ds max 2009 and maybe 3ds max 2010 ? :)

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Free Particle Flow Tools for 3ds max 2009

particle flow tools

Download the new Free Particle Flow Tools for 3ds max 2009 by the original creators of Particle flow which expands its capabilities in the particle system. Some of these are improved versions of the features in Particle Studio, Atomizer, Glider and Spray Master plug-ins, while others are brand new, designed to the specifications of top Hollywood special-effects artists who use them in movie production.

Download the free Particle Flow Tools from the below link

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