Modeling a Blanket : 3ds max Tutorial

blanket 3ds max
Modeling a Blanket using 3ds max
Here’s a simple way to model a complex looking Blanket with creases and correctly mapped object which indeed looks harder than you think to model.

I’ve used the normal lofting technique to model it ..look at the shapes below and the path on which these shapes were lofted.

loft shapes

the shapes were drawn with simple Lines and further editing them to the curves that you see. Why 3 different shapes ? Well different parts of the blanket has different curves generated in real life…so with the loft option we have Path Parameters.
Path = 0.0   ,    Get Shape #1
Path  = 16.0 ,   Get Shape #2
Path  = 20.0 ,   Get Shape #3
Path = 80.0 ,    Get Shape #3
Path = 84.0 ,    Get Shape #2
Path = 100,      Get Shape#1

loft parameters

The below image shows you the placement of the shapes on the Path

loft position can adjust your shapes to get better looking creases which suite your scene.

The image below shows you how the mapping will look after texture is applied to it.

blanket 3ds max

Hope it was useful to you…

Good luck modeling

Multi-Pass Compositing on 3ds max Rendering

gnomon multipass

This week The Gnomon Workshop adds to its library of professional production technique dvds with a new title by instructor Tim Jones of Digital Domain. Focusing on the essentials of compositing render passes from a 3D scene, "Multi-Pass Compositing" is a valuable demonstration for 3ds Max users looking to understand and maximize the benefits of this time saving technique. Tim shows how to efficiently control lighting, color, ambient occlusion and more.

Compositing passes is a technique that has been used in visual effects long before the advent of 3ds Max and Fusion – the software used in the tutorial. Photographing passes allowed visual effects artists to isolate elements of a shot, like physical models and sets, and affect their look before combining them together in the final print of the shot.

Tim carefully explains his processes as he had in his other popular titles "Environment Creation for Production" and "Environment Lighting for Production." Like other tutorials in our library, you can purchase "Multi-Pass Compositing" as a DVD or Digital Download. See the DVD description below for more details.

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3D Female Modeling : Making of Helena

3d female helena

Learn how to do 3D Female Modeling from 3DM3. The Artists inspiration behind Helena the Archer came from Korean online game artworks, where beautiful girls dressed in armor and carrying weapons. Of course he also added a little touch of his taste in this artwork. As for the falcon, I simply wanted to make a companion or a pet for her. The Artist used 3d Studio Max 9 for modeling, Deep Paint 3D and Photoshop for texturing and compositing , and also the Vray Rendering Engine for rendering the scene.

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3D Female Body Modeling Tutorial in 3ds max Part 3

3d female body

The 3 Part Series of the 3D Female Modeling Video Tutorial by the 3D Artist Giorgio Luciano in 3ds max. These tutorial will cover the female body modeling from setting up the references, low poly body modeling, hand and foot modeling to completion.

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Making a Splash of Water from a Droplet : RealFlow Tutorial

water splash realflow

Learn how to make a perfect Crown Splash of Water with a Droplet falling on the Water Surface using RealFlow. The Splash Water Tutorial teaches you how to recreate a high-speed photograph of a water droplet falling into a larger body of water, controlling the simulation – within limits – to generate a classic crown-shaped splash. We will start by exploring the basics of fluid simulation, then refining the parameters that control the effect that we want to achieve.

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Lofting in 3ds max

lofting 3ds max

Here’s an example Tutorial file for making twisted pipes, chair legs and many more possibilities in 3ds max. Its a simple 3ds max Lofting concept involved for the designs that you see in the image…the trick lies in the section that we use to loft and then twist along the path. So download the 3ds max 9 file and check it out.

3ds max loft

Download Free Loft model

3D Female Model : Klara Medkova

klara medkova

Fábio M. Silva, a CG Artist from Portugal has is preparing his portfolio to apply for a job and he’s created an incredible realistic 3D Female model of Klara Medkova. It is was good for Fabio to create the Beautiful Czech Supermodel because he could find alot of picture references. Fabio used 3ds max and photoshop for creating the 3D Female supermodel.

klara medkova

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3D Head Model tutorial in Detail

3d head model

A Very Detailed 3D Head Modelling Tutorial by  Carlos R. Bisquertt. Well you will require the 3d Enviornment skills to understand this tutorial and you can see the depth of the modeling skills involved in this tutorial.

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i3DTutorials™ releases “Introduction to Dynamics in SOFTIMAGE|XSI”

i3d logo

Miami, FL – July 2008 – i3DTutorials™ announces their latest training product, "Introduction to Dynamics in SOFTIMAGE|XSI". This latest offering from the growing i3DTutorials™ library of SOFTIMAGE|XSI® training products, takes users through the entire process of simulations with rigid bodies, soft bodies, constraints, and more. Learn in detail the inner workings of dynamic simulations and get first hand training in the art of using dynamics in SOFTIMAGE|XSI® to achieve life like simulations that would otherwise be too difficult and time consuming using traditional animation methods. Addressing the need and demand for professional training for SOFTIMAGE|XSI®, "Introduction to Dynamics in SOFTIMAGE|XSI" teaches the techniques needed to truly take advantage of the powerful simulation tools available to artists.

3d roulette

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3D Bathroom Tutorial in 3ds max 9 + Vray

A very nice 3D Bathroom Tutorial in 3ds max 9 using Vray Rendering Engine from CGArena. You can see the tricks involved in modeling and texturing the 3D Bathroom that has been used by  Mario Nogueira. Beautiful Wooden texture panels that have been used including the Bathroom WC texturing and the water texturing in the bathtub.

3d bathroom render

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