RealFlow Dynamics Tutorial

realflow dynamics
RealFlow the Fluid simulation application which has loads of possibilities and is capable of simulating a wide range of liquids to produce stunning fluids of all sorts. CGcookie has added a Free Realflow tutorial which teaches you step by step to simulate fluid dynamics.

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i3DTutorials™ Announces Special Holiday Sale for December

Miami, FL – December 2008 – i3DTutorials™, creators of industry leading training products for computer animation software, including SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Autodesk 3ds Max, are kicking off the holiday season with drastically reduced prices on all products. Emphasizing production proven techniques, users are taken through a series of demanding production scenes that mimic the complex scenarios and problems commonly found when producing 3D artwork for production. Learn new features and tools in SOFTIMAGE|XSI and Autodesk 3ds Max that will allow you to take advantage of the latest software technology and take your work to the next level. Learn different facets of the CG pipeline, including modeling, lighting, rendering, and much more. By taking you through the entire production process and showing you how the tools you learned apply to industry work and production, artists will have a more profound learning experience and understanding of how to use their newfound knowledge in a production environment. Addressing the need and demand for professional training; i3DTutorials™ offers many high quality training products that cater to professional artists, students, and instructors.

Learn efficient and fast modeling techniques for creating 3D assets through the use of polygon and subdivision surfaces with the following products:

Introduction to Polygon Modeling

Introduction to SubD Modeling in SOFTIMAGE|XSI

If you need help creating production grade photo-realistic renders, or you are looking to learn time saving production techniques for lighting, look no further than these high quality training products:

Introduction to Rendering in 3ds Max 2009

Introduction to mental ray in SOFTIMAGE|XSI

Rendering with SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.I: mental ray

i3DTutorials™ also offers more training that covers multitudes of subjects, including new technologies, such as the Interactive Creative Environment (ICE) found only in SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7. This holiday season; learn with the pros and save up to 50% on select products. This special holiday sale only comes once a year and will last through December 31st- don’t miss out on the lowest prices of the year!

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Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial

zbrush sculpting
Pixologic™ in partnership with 3D World™ magazine and Scott Eaton created this wonderful Zbrush Tutorial naming it Body Electric. Zbrush indeed creates real piece of CG ART and you can see the realism achieved to create Body Electric.  Follow 3D World’s™ masterclass in sculpting the female form to recreate the July (issue 105) cover star.

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Making a Vase using Zbrush

zbrush vase
This is a 3 Part
Video Tutorial for Making a Vase using Zbrush. It shows you how to go about using the Basic Zbrush modeling tools to create the vase and then further you can explore the Zbrush Possibilities to learn more from the concept and create your own models.

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Making 3D Clothes with Zbrush

3d clothes
The 3D Clothes making tutorial by Richard Smith demonstrates how to sculpt realistic creases involved in clothing using ZBrush. Richard has covered the basic fundamentals of direction and weights as well as gathering reference. The tutorial documents the entire process for sculpting the jacket of Richard’s latest character, Bad Girl. It is an absolute must-have for anyone wanting to learn how to create more realistic clothing for their characters. You can purchase and download the 43 minutes .mov Clothing Tutorial from gnomonology for $15.

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Car Paint Shader Tutorial : SoftImage XSI

car paint shader xsi
A Simple and nice way to setup the CAR Paint Shader using SoftImage XSI. The tutorial was created by Sandy McPherson demonstrating the tricks involved in generating the complex car paint rendering. Using Softimage XSI and a simple Phong shader combined with some basic render tree setup and the Mental Ray render engine will give professional results comparable to using a 3rd party car shader.

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CG Artist : Eric Maslowski’s Portfolio

3d human
I came across this very talented 3D/CG Artist Eric Maslowski while surfing around and thought of sharing his link. There are a few 3D Tutorials done by him which could prove useful to all so do take a look.

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Jaguar MK2 Tutorial using Blender

jaguar mk2
A very nice Blender Tutorial to make the Jaguar MK2. Learn from the Blender expert on how to model, apply materials and use the proper lighting to generate the Real life looking Jaguar Mk2 render results.

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V-Ray in Rhino 3D : Step by Step Tutorial

vray rhino 3d
A Step by Step Tutorial to use Vray in Rhino 3D.  The tutorial teaches you the basic concept required to setup the scene using the HDRI and how to setup proper lighting to get good results.

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Nude Female Body modeling Tutorial : Zbrush

3d world magazine

Download the 210 MB Nude Female Body modeling Tutorial using Zbrush originally from the 3D world Magazine issue #105. A very detailed 10 page Sculpting zbrush tutorial from Scott Eaton that explores how to sculpt an anatomically correct female figure, starting from a lo-res blockmesh, and gradually refining the details of the body.

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