Lighting tutorial with HDRI and Vray Sun in 3ds max has created a nice tutorial which teaches you how to light your interior scenes using HDRI and Vray Sun within 3ds max. The tutorial explains in detail the use of Vray Physical camera and material setups together with some modeling videos. This could really help the users who are new to 3ds max yet and can help you improve you basic skills.

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vray interior hdri

Creating Realistic Grass tutorial in 3ds max

realistic 3d grass

A simple Tutorial to Create Realistic Grass using 3DS MAX 2011. During the course of this tutorial you will learn the various options of 3DS Max’s Hair and Fur Modifier (WSM). The grass you’ll create will look great from a distance and more than decent in those highly coveted grassy close-ups.

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Convert Vray Scene to MentalRay

mental ray interior
There are several ways of converting Vray scenes to Mental ray but no full proof method as of yet..alot of tweaking is always required to do the same. Learn from Jamie Cardoso who has written a nice tutorial explaining the way to convert vray scenes to mental ray scenes. Very useful tips explained.

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How to make a Sofa in 3ds max ?

A great video tutorial of Making a Sofa by Artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max 2009. This tutorial is divided in two parts and the total length of this video tutorial (without sound) is 70 minutes. This will explain you how you can model this stylish modern leather sofa inside 3ds max. This is very detailed and step by step shown video tutorial which will explain you everything without the need of sound.


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Making a Sunset Scene in Vue : Free Vue Video Tutorial

vue sunset
Check out this wonderful
Video Tutorial using Vue on Making of the Sunset. Vue is capable of producing stunning realistic renderings. GeeKatPlay Studio have developed this wonderful Video Tutorial which can be a good reference for the new users using Vue for your work or hobby.

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Vray Interior Rendering Trick : Linear Workflow

Vray Interior Render
Alex from CgDigest has explained the Vray Interior Rendering Trick in the form of Linear Workflow in 3ds max. Well everyone is aware what Gamma is capable of and what kind of results does it generate…but Alex has opened the eyes of most of the newbies out there on making the right use of Gamma and its capablities that can achieve stunning realistic results without having to increase the rendering times or light settings. The very detailed explained Vray Interior tutorial helps you generate the above 3d rendered results…so do check it out.

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Exterior Rendering Tutorial

exterior rendering
A Wonderful Tutorial for creating an Exterior Building Render from the popular CG Artists Lon Grohs & Rodrigo Lopez from NeoScape. Learn step by step how to generate realistic renders of CG Buildings. The tutorial covers the lighting and Camera tricks together with GI to create stunning Renders.

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Making a Fighter Jet Plane – Hal Tejas in 3ds max

hal tejas 3d airplane
Here’s a nice 3ds max Tutorial for making a Figher Jet Plane Hal Tejas. The tutorial shows you the tricks on how to model a Fighter Jet plane from Blue prints and also covers the unwrapping techniques for texturing in 3ds max. I am sure it could prove useful to those who are struggling to start modeling from blue prints.

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The Making of Prince Frog : Maya & Zbrush

frog prince
You can learn how Robert Vari made the Prince Frog with the help of Maya and Zbrush. He has showed his techniques to develop the great model of the prince frog and how he textured the model using maya and zbrush.

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Animating Material in 3ds max Tutorial

3ds max material
Here’s a simple and nice tutorial for users using 3ds max on how to transform one material to another on an object which allows you to Animate Materials in 3ds max. With the help of the Blend Material shader you can transform from say color blue to red and you can try using textures too for a change depending on your requirement of the animation to be done.

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