Cloth Ruffle Tutorial for 3ds max

cloth ruffle in 3ds max
Alessandro Cangelosi has posted a very nice tutorial to create the difficult modeling Cloth Ruffle tutorial. There is no need to use the polygon manipulation technique but just simple max cloth simulating tool within 3ds max.

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Making a Bedding with Marvelous Designer

marvelous designer bedding
Viscorbel posted a very nice tutorial to create a very realistic Bedding using Marvelous Designer. The video tutorial teaches you in detail to create a very real life bedding. You can learn how to create those puffy bedding feel.

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Creating Realistic Wood Material in 3ds max and Vray

realistic wood material in 3ds max
Austris Cingulis is a 3D Artist from Latvia. He has almost 10 years of work experience in the field of Arch-Viz, Product Viz and gaming industry using 3ds max. He has posted a Tutorial on "How to create realistic wood material with Vray and 3ds max". It is a 4 part tutorial and I am sure you can produce the same after going to the tutorial. This tutorial is not meant to just show you how to create wood, it’s also meant to show you how you can achieve complex results using some simple V-Ray and 3DS Max maps.

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Create your own brushes and paint cliffs in Zbrush

This new tutorial at evermotion teaches you how to create your own brushes in Zbrush. You can see how custom brushes help you to create cliffs and the modeling seems quite simple within Zbrush. You can also download the brush which is used in this tutorial.

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Making a Pillow and Blanket

marvelous designer
A very nice pillow and Blanket tutorial by Glauco Grimaldi. He made use of 3ds max and Marvelous designer 2 and you can see how easy it is to create realistic pillows and complex blankets. There is no sound in the video tutorial Glauco Grimaldi and explained each process step by step so it is easy to follow.

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The Making of Rome – 3ds max tutorial

3d roman building
Jing Zhang wrote for us a very nice tutorial "The Making of Rome" for 3ds max. Jing was inspired by chiesa do Santa Maria di Loreto. The tutorial teaches you the tips and tricks involved in creating Roman Architecture buildings in 3d The softwares used were Sketchup, 3ds max, V-Ray and Photoshop for post work. The basic modeling was done using Google Sketchup and then fine tuned in 3ds max. The columns and sculptures are from Jing’s own 3d database…and finally very nicely composed using Photoshop. Jing has provided all the details involved in the complex Material making, Lighting and Rendering and Post Production

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Creating Vray Materials Vol-2 from VisCorbel

vray materials
has released its new Tutorial videos which teaches you the technique to create realistic V-ray Materials Vol-2. Viscorbel has covered almost all the aspects you require to create Exterior ArchViz scenes. The tutorial covers the tricks used to create exterior materials like

- Road
- wet road
- pavement
- stone
- brick
- corrugated metal
- rusty metal
- tree bark / leaves / needles
- weathered planks
- curb
- concrete
- wire mesh / extended metal
- grass (displaced and geometric)
- swimming pool (water and tiles)

Using the techniques shown in this video you can create countless variations of these materials to suit your projects!
This time I’m also showing how to render out UVW templates and paint custom maps for those special objects where simple tileable materials will not work.
Displacement map creation from photos and from 3D geometry is also included

Vray Interior HDRI setup Tutorial

Aleso3d has posted a new Vray HDRI Interior setup tutorial. The tutorial show s how you can create realistic Vray renders using HDRI. Using the HDRI map as the only lighting source and to generate very realistic results, a very simple way to lighting a scene without lighting complication but getting a really great realistic feeling in your scene. The workflow is very simple and useful to use HDRI lighting.

vray interior hdri daylight

Setting up MentalRay Physical Sky for Interior Scenes

Mental Ray expert Jeff Patton has uploaded a new tutorial to set up Mental Ray Physical Sky for Architectural Interior Scenes. You can learn some very good tips from the tutorial which shows you have you can set up proper mr physical sky and sky portals. These are some fairly specific tips that will hopefully allow you to achieve a smooth indirect illumination solution as well as control the intensity of the sun and other contributing lights.

mental ray interior scene

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Vray Interior low lighting tutorial for 3ds max

Here is a nice Low Lighting Vray Interior Tutorial with 3ds max..This vray tutorial teaches you how you could render scenes with a few lights in your scenes since most rendering tutorials that you see online have a lot of windows that use loads of lights inside the scene. With this tutorial you can see how effienctly you could render with lesser lights.

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vray interior rendering

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