Itoosoft added RailClone 2 Tutorials

railclone2 3dsmax.jpg
ItooSoft added basic and intermediate level tutorials with its new RailClone 2 Beta Plugin for 3ds max.  You can make sophisticated two dimensional arrays using rule sets to create complex parametric structures. You can make complex modeling with railclone 2 with ease.

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automultimatte for 3ds max

The Automultimatte maxscript utilizes new EffectID property of the VrayMaterials in Vray 2.0 and creates MultiMatte render elements for the all or for the selected objects’ Vray materials and assigns proper values to their Effects ID property.

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Free Birch Tree 3d models

Viz-People has released a free package of 18 highly detailed birch trees for 3ds Max and V-Ray that can be used in commercial projects.

birch tree free 3d models

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Two tone Leaves tree tutorial in 3ds max

leaves gradient
Bertrand Benoit explains us the making of a tip to trunk gradients especially of the leaves of the trees in Autumn. You can see how the Vertex coloring can help us to achieve this effect using 3ds max. Its a simple tutorial on how to vertex paint and apply the appropriate material.

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Terrain plugin for 3ds max

The Terrain plugin for 3DS Max allows you to generate landscapes from real world elevation data in a couple of clicks. The plugin makes use of DEM data that is available freely on-line but instead of you having to locate the right DEM file for your needs, patching them together and importing the data manually our plugin allows you to directly set a latitude and longitude coordinate and the plugin will automatically locate the right data and import it into 3DS Max and generate a mesh to your desired level of detail. You are free to drag the location around and zoom in or out and the plugin will fetch any new data it needs and rebuild the mesh automatically. The data will be stored on your system so future alterations will not require data to be re downloaded. The eleveation data is sampled at 90m intervals and also for the US you can select 30m interval data for even more accurate terrains.

The plugin allows you to color your mesh based on height with a user customizable color table. The sea level can be changed and you have the option to cap the mesh. At any time you can change the mesh density and you can select to use a given vertex budget or set the distance to use between vertices etc.

Another major feature of the plugin is the ability to use Google Earth to generate textures for your terrains (you should have Google Earth Pro if you plan on using the images for commercial use). You can tell the plugin the resolution of the texture you want to apply to your terrain mesh and it will automatically produce the texture for you.

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Allegorithmic releases Substance Designer 3.1

allegorithmic designer 3.1
Allegorithmic releases Substance Designer 3.1. The 3.1 update adds the capability to paint seamlessly tiling textures automatically. Its special game texturing tool, extending the bitmap painting editor introduced in 3.0. The new features that are included in 3.1 are  Tiling mode that works with both brush and stamping tool enabling users to paint seamlessly tiling textures automatically.

Render a realistic human and win $21k

axyz design contest
AXYZ Design is running a photorealistic rendering contest and the contest prizes are worth over $21,000. You need to download the digital charater model provided and render it either to replicate a real studio lighting set-up, or in a wider architectural space, and you could win stock assets from AXYZ Design itself, software from Siger Studio, and a range of books, training and online render credits. You need to use 3ds max and Mentalray or V-Ray and there is no post work allowed. Closing date for entries is 5th Nov.

VFB+ 2.1 released

VFB+ is a more sophisticated Virtual frame buffer for 3ds max. The New version VFB+ 2.1 includes
- You can now automatically save VFB output together with 3ds max output
- Capture image from render to texture at the end of the render
- Save animage while render is in progress or paused
- "Spacing" option for tiled images in stamper
- Added 10% option for prevview render
- You can now reset all the color correction panels
- Option to disable color correction and/or gamma for saved images.
- If a VFB+ v1.52 or earlier installation is detected, an option is now given to automatically uninstall the old version.

LuxRender 1.0 Released

3d exterior Luxrender
Luxrender is an unbiased rendering engine. The latest version of Luxrender 1.0 includes

- Improved GPU acceleration

LuxRender 1.0 builds on the GPU-accelerated "hybrid sampler" renderer introduced in v0.8. Hybrid offloads ray-intersection calculations to the graphics card using OpenCL.

- Updated materials
LuxRender 1.0 includes a new metal material, metal 2. Metal 2 supports custom colors and textures, as well as measured data from Sopra and Luxpop Nk files and arbitrary IORs.

- Multi-step motion blur

Motion blur in LuxRender 1.0 now supports multiple steps over an arbitrary amount of time, rather than a single transform relative to the frame time.

- Core improvements

Under the hood, LuxRender 1.0 features numerous updates, including a multithreaded film buffer, more robust networking, a new acceleration structure, an updated light sampling system, and numerous bug fixes.

- GUI improvements
The main LuxRender GUI has been cleaned up for better usability and aesthetics. The render viewport now supports alpha transparency.

- Network improvements

The networking code has received a lot of updates, making network rendering easier and more robust.


LuxRender 1.0 adds an experimental stochastic progressive photon mapping integrator. Rather than building a single photon map then rendering it as in traditional photon mapping, SPPM builds a map of the "view" of the camera, fires photons to light this shot, and then repeats this process again with a new rendering of the view and a smaller photon radius.

- Normal mapping
Luxrender 1.0 introduces its support for the Long awaited feature..Normal Mapping. Normal maps in LuxRender can be applied to any material, and (if desired), multiple normal and bump maps can be stacked arbitrarily on the same material using the multimix texture.

LuxRender offers support for 3DS Max via the LuxMax script

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Morph-O-Matic 2.6 is released

Morph-O-Matic is a extended morpher plugin for 3ds max which works as a modifier within 3ds max. The New features in Morph-O-Matic 2.6 are

- Now Works with 3ds max 2013 (32 bit & 64 bit)
- Increased no. of channels and now default to 18
- The New game engine scripting API integration
- Improved speed, stability and performance
- New MAXScript command: MOM_HoldLicense()
- Ability to auto-load .mom file on file open

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