Mental ray for 3ds Max 2016

mdl mentalray 3dsmax
The Material Definition Language (MDL) is an NVIDIA initiative to standardize physically based material designs in a common format, see mental ray for 3ds Max 2016 is capable of rendering pre-packaged MDL materials. We will create a dedicated blog post to explain how to enable MDL in 3ds Max 2016.

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100 3ds Max Particle Presets

3ds max particle
Allan McKay who is a VFX and 3ds Max master has created over 100 PFlow presets that ship with Max. There are a varieties of particle effects for Air, Earth, Fire, Water and various other Logo effects. These are very helpful presets for any artist by which it eases you hard work to setup these particle effects.

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Bevel Works 1.5 plugin for 3ds max

bevel work for 3ds max
A&G Tool Company
has released its updated  plugin to Bevel Works 1.5.  Bevel Works 1.5 allows you to create professional Bevels for production needs to create logo/text work. Bevel Works is a scripted plugin for 3ds max 2012 and above. Below is the new feature list.
-   Bevel Outline :  Easily offset your bevel from your editable splines. A must have for creating accurate logos and text.
-   Detach to Objects :  Quickly detaches letters/shapes into separate objects, assigns random wire color, and centers their pivots.
-   PB Quads : Turn any Bevel Works object into clean subdivided quads! Great for deforming or bending your beveled type or logos!

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Labyrinth 1.0 for 3ds max

Labyrinth for 3ds max
Designed by John Martini & Developed by James Vecore Labyrinth is a spline plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create splines on any given object in 3ds Max. The knots which make up Labyrinth are automatically attached to the object’s their generated on. This feature gives users the ability to easily produce stunning effects. This video gives a general overview of the controls for the tool as well as various ways to use the tool in production. More videos to come soon. Below are time-stamps you can use to quickly navigate through the video to see specific effects. Product Details Compatible with 3ds Max 2012/2013/2014 (64bit only)

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Grass Generator 1.0 for 3ds max

3d grass 3ds max
Midge Sinnaeve has developed a small script to generate Grass for your ArchViz scenes. The Grass Generator script removes the pain in scattering grass manually. Its a nice and simple to use script and its free. Download and give it a try.

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Cloth Ruffle Tutorial for 3ds max

cloth ruffle in 3ds max
Alessandro Cangelosi has posted a very nice tutorial to create the difficult modeling Cloth Ruffle tutorial. There is no need to use the polygon manipulation technique but just simple max cloth simulating tool within 3ds max.

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Mr Furniture Chair051 : Free 3d Furniture model


Download Mr.Furniture Chair Model

For More 3d Models Visit

Tree Generators for 3ds Max

3d trees 3ds max
Here are some list of plugins that allow you to create Trees for 3ds max.

The plant factory :
The plant factory has been recently released from e-on but the cgartist out there have
a negative opinion over the pricing. Well there are a variety of different licencing
available though and maybe you can check it out. The Plant factory looks very promising
from the features it allows you to generate all sorts of vegetation.

Exlevel GrowFX :
GrowFX has been out there for a quite a long time and with its continuous updates with
the users needs if right now on the top of the plant generator list. You can directly
create plants/trees within 3ds max and endless possibilities.

Onyx tree storm :
This is almost the oldest tree generators out there. Onyx is very useful for low poly
animated trees within 3ds max. Well it can generate high polys too..with limited
options available for tweaking. But yeah it does the work..

TreeGen :
This is a free plugin for 3ds max and allows you to generate trees with limited
options..but what the hell..its free..

Avizstudio Atree3d :
This is one of the most popular plugin which enables you to generate trees with quite a
few options..easy to use and easy to edit..its really a nice plugin as its FREE

Xfrog :
Well Xfrog is a nice tree generator..but now getting unpopular..rather its ready to use
models are used much more than its tree generating Software.

Laubwek Plants :

Speedtree :

3D Game model Challenge

fantasy game character
Cgtrader launched a new challenge for the 3D Artists out there. You need to design new generation 3D Game models that should not overcome the boundary of 50,000 polygons. Create any fantasy 3D game characters which you have dreamed about. There is no boundaries on the number of 3d models that you upload. There are stunning prizes for the winners.3D Game Model Challenge will run from the 29th of August, 2013, to the 15th of October, 2013.

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CgAxis Summer Sale 50% Off

cgaxis models
Grab the opportunity to purchase high quality 3d models from CgAxis. CgAxis offers 50% off as a summer sale on its high quality 3d models. You can get quality 3D Furniture models collection for a cheaper price. The offer is valid upto 30th June 2013.

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