3DAllusions Living Room Rendering Challange #2

living room render
- Livingroom Rendering Challenge No. 2
Another rendering charrette at 3DAllusions where we provide a scene in multiple formats and challenge the community to render it and share their vision of the scene with us. 3DAllusions – Livingroom Rendering Challenge No. 2: Let’s end the year and start the new one off right with another charrette!

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CG Architectural Visualization

architectural rendering
NC3D worked with Shorenstein Properties and GBD Architects on "First & Main", Portland, Oregon’s first new Class-A office and retail space in over a decade.  We created animations and stills that will be used to attract prospective tenants for the 346,500 square feet of office space that will be available in this 16-story tower.

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Online Intelligent Resizing of Images

image resizing

Every CG Artist is always concerned about pixel breaking when resizing images, well you have a solution for resizing your images and you can give it a try. I am sure you can atleast double your rendered images ..so give it a try. Rsizr is an online application which reads .JPG, .PNG and .GIF image formats. It is advisable to read the help files before using the online resizing.

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3D Artwork for the 2008 Calendar from CGArena

If you are a CG / 3D Artist … then you have a chance to submit your 3D Artwork to CGArena for the 2008 Calendar.
We live in a beautiful world of computer graphics where every day many artworks are made but only some of them stand out to be the best. Many of you have also created some beautiful artwork then on this New Year why don’t we give a chance to everyone to decorate their own computer desktop with your artwork and get inspiration, so life can be more colorful and organized. After all New Year is the perfect time to begin everything fresh! We hope you will consider being a part of the 2008 calendar by submitting your entries!

2008 calendar

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DrapeFX – ReColour and ReTexture 3ds max Renders

Scene Rendered Using Lightscape
Lightscape Rendered Scene

The New Look of the Lightscape scene ReTextured and Coloured in Seconds.
Draped Lightscape Scene
A truely stunning 2.5D Software that lets you ReColour and ReTexture your already Rendered Scenes. DrapeFX Exporter plugin for 3ds max allows you to export your 3D data and then you can simply play with the Colours and Textures with the DrapeFX Standalone Application. You can even control the Tiling of your Textures within DrapeFX which uses your existing UVW maps given in 3ds max. You can Re-Render your 3D Scenes within Seconds without actually Rendering your Scenes again. Well it has got some limitations but yes it can deliver the fast needs to retexture the scenes.

DrapeFX – Post Render Engine

3DTotal Interviews Architectural Visualizer Artist Richard Minh Le

3DTotal Interviews the Arch-Viz Artist Richard Minh Le who produces exceptional quality 3D Renders using 3ds max with the combination of several Rendering Engines

Architectural Visualization Artist

Piranesi 5 from Informatix

Piranesi is a specialised ‘3D painting’ tool, allowing you to start with a simple rendering of a 3D model, and quickly develop it into high quality images ready for client presentations. You can use Piranesi to quickly develop photorealistic images, by painting in textures and scenery with automatic perspective and masking; or you can Piranesi’s wealth of effects to generate non-photorealistic images that have a more subtle, hand-rendered feel and focus the client’s mind of what is important in the design. You can even use Piranesi with a 2D plan or elevation image, or to generate Panoramas! 

Piranesi 5 

Adobe PhotoSHOP CS3 : Digit Magazine First Look

Digit Magazine previewed Adobe PhotoSHOP CS3 and feels that its a must for all the digital photographer, video artist, or designer out there.But although the program is a must-have, it isn’t perfect. While some of Photoshop CS3’s new features shine, others need polish. What’s more, Photoshop now comes in two flavours, so you’ll need to decide between the standard version and the pricier, more fully featured Photoshop CS3 Extended… Ah…and with PhotoSHOP CS3 Extended PS goes 3D.. so it would be a good thing for all the 3D users to Texture now in PhotoSHOP itself.

First Look Adobe PhotoSHOP CS3 Review


Wine Glass 3D Model for 3ds Max 8 Scanline Render

Here’s a sample of a Wine Glass Rendered using the conventional Scanline Rendering Engine. There is no way we can under estimate the power of the 3ds max Scanline rendering engine.

Download the 3DS MAX 8 zip file here

Vray Rendered 3D Models coming soon

Mr Furniture is soon coming out with its new collection of 3D Models with Vray Materials. This can help all the Vray users to use the 3d furnitures in their vray scene with ease.

Do check it out : http://www.mr-cad.com/vray-render.php


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