Pixar ’Up’ Characters

pixar russell
Pixar Blog
brings 3 Rendered Character Pictures of "Carl" and "Russell" from the upcoming film. These wonderful never before seen (by the non-Comic-Con-attending public) images of Carl and Russell from Up, as well Carl’s house surrounded by development and the hand-drawn concept art, have been uploaded to Flickr.
Check out the sketches

2008 Architectural 3D Industry Award winners

3d architectural award 2008

CgArchitect has announced the 3D Architectural Industries Award winners which took place in La Coruna, Spain at the Mundos Digitales Conference.

2008 3D Awards

Outstanding Achievement WINNER: Uniform, UK
Award Presented by Andres Fernandez Albalat (Caixa Galicia)

Best Image Category WINNER: Transparent House, USA
Award Presented by Luis Caparros (University of Coruna)

Best Animation Category WINNER: PURE, Germany
Award Presented by Manuel Fernandez (Xunta de Galicia)

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Peugeot Concept Car Competition

peugeot concept car competition

Create a Concept Car which is designed to evolve within the cities of the future, whilst retaining the key values of the 21stcentury. The projects should bear Peugeot’s stylistic codes and must contain the following four aspects included in this design competition: environmental awareness, social harmony, interactive mobility and economic efficiency.
Together with the design, entrants must include a text explaining the concept of the vehicle.

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Expose 6 available for pre-order

expose 6 cover

Ballastic Publishing is pleased to announce that EXPOSÉ 6 is available for pre-orders.

Celebrate the World’s finest new Digital Art. Expose 6 is the latest Digital Art Yearbook featuring ‘the best of the best’. With 334 inspiring images prepared by 257 artists from 43 countries, you will discover the very best work across 20 different categories.

Pre-order customers will receive a free 15 minute video tutorial by Linda Bergkvist showing some of the detailing of the cover art "Red Robin"

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Making of Lida from CgArena

Here’s a new Tutorial from CgArena which Interprets a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantastical, sci-fi and surreal. A step by step tutorial which covers how the painting was made..

smart work

chinese painting

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Making of “My Prince”

my prince photoshop work

Check out the Making of "My Prince" Using PhotoSHOP CS3.  The girl in the picture is a young witch with mysterious magic, the baby dragon is her pet. The baby dragon looks up to the sky naively, strains the leash, and wants to fly into an adventure. Overall, I want to create a peaceful scene, just like we are holding our own pets, and that makes you feel warm, or even like the feel of pride.

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CG Chosen Magazine #7 – CG Architecture

CG Architecture

Another Downloadable PDF version of the CG Chosen Magazine #7 is out. This Magazine is dedicated to the endless theme of CG-Architecture. You can learn how the professional CG-Artist model and Render their creativity using 3d Softwares. You will some materpeices of 3D Art in this magazine and how they were generated. Totally stunning I must say..

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Download Free 3D / CG Wallpapers from CG Artist

3d wallpaper
Download Cool and free 3D / CG wallpapers calendar for your desktop which are submitted by CG artists for 3D artists. We live in a beautiful world of computer graphics where every day many artworks are made but only some of them stand out to be the best. Here you will find some cool and free CG wallpapers calendar for your desktop which are submitted by artists for artists in various sizes 1280 x 960 (works for 800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864), 1280 x 1024 (works for 1600×1280), and 1680 x 1050 (works for 1440×900, 1280×800). This calendar featured the artworks of Bartek Jurkowski, Soa Lee, Dani Garcia, Claudius Vesting, Dragos Jieanu, Kerem Beyit, Marco Lazzarini, Alon Chou, Don Dixon, Tom Krieger, Vlad Kuprienko and Hau Ming Li.

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Winners of “Strange Behavior” : CGSociety Challenge

spacedout cartoon winner
The CGSociety is proud to present the winners of our largest challenge to date: CG Challenge XXI - ‘Strange Behavior’.

From the beginning we defined the topic for this challenge as: ‘Strange Behavior’ - "The unexpected can delight or shock. It can be exciting or frightening. It’s often funny. It’s never boring!"

The global CG community rose to the challenge and responded with enthusiasm, generating some of the most imaginative and entertaining work we have ever seen.

The CGChallenges organised by the CGSociety have always been the largest competitions of their kind in the world.

We dramatically expanded the scope and prize pool in this the Strange Behavior challenge with over US$90,000 in prizes for 15 winning entries.

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Making of the Tiger in 3D using Maya

3d Tiger Animal
Check out the making of the 3D Tiger by Massimo Righi developed using Maya. He used real life references from the Thailand Zoo to create this wonderful artwork in maya. You can see how realistic fur and skin textures have been derived using Maya. It will help you step by step creation of the 3D animal techniques involved of making the Tiger.


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