Autodesk Meshmixer 0.8

Autodesk Meshmixer is a simple and free 3d modelling tool. You can create nice 3d stuff without too much hassle. The new features in meshmixer 0.8 include

- New Face Group support and manipulation tools
- New Stamp tool to insert polygons into surfaces
- New Convert To Polygon tool to create polygons
- New Attract to Target brush to pull surface towards a selected target object
- Improved Booleans, Join tool, and Plane Cut tool
- SmoothBoundary tool now supports placing vertex pins
- Ground-plane Grid and Origin guide
- Improved Transform Widget with angle-snapping guide and toggle between local and global coordinate systems
- Updated Align tool for quickly positioning objects
- New brush options for continuous Flow, Hold Boundary, and Restrict to Group
- UI tweaks like variable-speed sliders

3D Cloth making Application : A Survey

Marvelous-D Clo3D is a 3D cloth making application that allows the user to cut cloth patterns as fashion designers would before draping and sewing them around an “avatar” (an A-posed character). For our purpose, however, MD is first and foremost an amazing cloth simulation engine, with striking real-time capability. Although it evokes 3ds Max’s garment maker and seems based on similar principles, its engine is incredibly fast and allows real-time interactions (pulling and pushing of the cloth while draping). You can simply import your object in Clo3D and start draping on it.

marvelous-D Clo3D

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Download CGArena Magazine Vol-4

cgarena magazine
CGArena released its new downloadable version of its CG Magazine Aug-Sept 09 Issue. The CGArena Magazine covers

* Interview with Marta Dahlig

* Photoshop: Making of Radhey Shyam

* ZBrush: Making of DinoMonster

* 3ds Max: The Dreams of a Street Cat

* Painter: Making of a Magic Warrior

* Gallery – Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art

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Vue 3D Competition Winners Announced

E-on is proud to announce the winners of the Vue 3D Environment Competition 2009.
Vue 3D is a state of Art 3D Scenery developing application which allows you to create stunning realistic environments. E-on thanks the judges for their dedication and enlightening comments, the Cornucopia3D staff for their invaluable help, and of course, all 457 participants. Congratulations to the winners for their truly superb works!

1st Prize : Seychelles  by Marcus Thim
vue 3d render

Wild Thing 2009  by AlienskinsStudio (Martin J. Birk)

vue 3d render

Storm brewing at Emerald Bay  by jjordache (Ionut Iordache)

vue 3d render

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3D Girls – Females : Amazing Gallery

A very good gallery of 3D Girls / Female models developed in various 3D Applications. Some of the 3D Girls are hard to believe that they have been modeled and rendered or are the real photographs taken and uploaded. This gallery is a good inspiration for the 3D Artists out there and who want to see quality.
3d girl , 3d female
3d girl, 3d female

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RhinoGold 2.0 : Jewelry Designing Application

RhinoGold 2.0 is a Jewelry Designing Software which allows Jewelry designers for develop creative designs from scratch with complete ease. RhinoGold has a variety of cut stones according to the GIA standards which gives you more accuracy for developing your final results. Jewelry Designing is can be really tough to get accurate results and with RhinoGold you can now create the final results for your clients. With RhinoGold you can make Ring designs, Bracelet designs or create sets too with perfect prong settings.


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Thomas Suurland’s Website Redesigned

Thomas Suurland a very popular CG Artist has redesigned his website. has helped alot of 3d artists as a reference for their quality improvements. Along with the new website design Thomas has added 2 new projects ..The "Zenvo ST1" and "Peugeot 308z Concept".

Good Luck Thomas

thomas suurland

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Indigo Renderer Gallery updated

indigo render

Indigo Renderer is a free, physically-based unbiased render engine. The website now has 100 new 3D state of ART images updated for you to check out the power of the Indigo Rendering engine. Employing advanced features such as Metropolis Light Transport, spectral light simulation, a virtual camera model, physical sky and more, Indigo Renderer can achieve much more realistic results than traditional global illumination ray-tracers. Indigo renderer is completely free for commercial and non commercial use…so download and check it out..

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Architecture in Perspective 24

AIP 24
The American Society of Architectural Illustrators
‘ annual international competition and exhibition further the Society’s objectives by selecting its members’ extraordinary work and presenting it in major venues worldwide over the course of a year. Selected artwork is also reproduced in a companion catalogue that is sold through bookstores and ASAI. The American Society of Architectural Illustrators is introducing a student member category to "Architecture in Perspective 24". Student members are invited to enter a maximum of 5 images which can include formal presentation renderings, informal sketches, study projects, drawings, paintings and computer imagery.

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Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial

zbrush sculpting
Pixologic™ in partnership with 3D World™ magazine and Scott Eaton created this wonderful Zbrush Tutorial naming it Body Electric. Zbrush indeed creates real piece of CG ART and you can see the realism achieved to create Body Electric.  Follow 3D World’s™ masterclass in sculpting the female form to recreate the July (issue 105) cover star.

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