Craft Director Tools 8.1.1

craft animation tools
Craft Animations
announces the release of its new and significantly re-made plug-ins suite, Craft Director Tools. Version 8.1.1 incorporates a number of different customer requests with the unique functionality of supporting Pre-Rigged Solutions.

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Russian Nightmare 3D Animation by French Artists

Russian Nightmare 3D Animation by French 3D Artists Caroline Bugnet and Didier Won Shoo Tong.

russian nightmare 3d animation

The Short Story Narration is as below
"Christmas Eve time, Douchka is alone in her parents’ huge home. She’s playing as usual with her toys inventing her imaginary world. Catched by her delirium, the little girl doesn’t make any difference anymore between dream and reality."

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Free Craft Utilities from Craft Animations

Download the free set of Utilities plugins from Craft Animations.

CogWheels will allow you to rotate one wheel with the help of another. Anything can drive the cogs.

Craft RayCaster helps one object to move along the surface of another. Think of it as a magnet that holds objects together. Skis will follow the ground. Drops of water will roll down the side of a glass. You get the idea.

We also have five amazing new utilities for hooking things together. One of them is a plug-in for springs called Craft Suspension

The other three are Craft AngularPlay, Craft RectangularPlay and Craft SphericalPlay. These plug-ins connect two object so that there is a bit of wiggle. It’s yet another amazing level of realism that you wont find elsewhere

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Pencil 2D Animation Software

Pencil allows you to create 2D animations in a traditional handrawing style. Well it would be most useful to sketch you storyboard in 2D and then try and achieve the quality for your 3D animations. Pencil is an easy to use 2D animation Software.

Download Pencil 2D animation Software

TV Commercials using Blender in Brazil

Brazil based company ZQuatro has finally proved that Blender is capable of delivering high quality 3D TV Commercials. The artist responsible for the use of Blender on these productions is Lucio Cavalcanti. The post production of the commercials is made in After Effects and with the Blender Node system. You can check out Lucio`s Demo reel too, where he created a model of himself in Blender.

Blender TV Commercials using Brasil

Speech Animator Pro for 3DS MAX & Maya

Speech Animator Pro is a Standalone Application which enables you to quickly convert your sound files into Speaking Characters. This is the 3rd new improved version of the Speech Animator Pro which have added functions such as
-    3DS MAX and MAYA import and user models animation.
-    Speech mimicry automatic creation for one selected sound file.
-    NONVERBAL animation generation
-    Manual editing of a mimicry convenient mechanism
-    Models personal settings
-    MAX and MAYA export

Speech Animator Pro Download

Quest3D version 3.6 released

Quest3D version 3.6 released

November 17, Leiden, The Netherlands
, version 3.6 of Quest3D™ is now available from Quest3D resellers and the Quest3D website.

With the new version Act-3D™, the creators of Quest3D, introduce exciting features such as HDR rendering, water simulation, improved support for VR equipment, a better web plug-in and native export from 3D Studio MAX®

The new version is an exciting release for existing users or new users that are looking for a high quality real-time 3D solution.  The new software further expands the possibilities for development of real-time 3D visualization, real-time 3D web pages, entertainment, architecture visualization, serious gaming and high end VR applications.

At a glance

“It’s safe to say this is the most stable release to date.” – says Remko Jacobs, Quest3D director and product manager. “We really took every effort to get as much information from the user community as we could and incorporated it in this new release.”

High dynamic range rendering allows for visual effects similar to a photograph or film. A post process effect simulates the effect of bright light sources interacting with the lens.

The water rendering system enables effects ranging from wild oceans to calm shallow puddles. The algorithms run almost entirely on the GPU which ensures optimal performance.

The 3D Studio MAX® plug-in provides a complete platform to export 3D scenes directly to Quest3D. Special effort has been taken to ensure smooth exporting of light maps and animations. For other applications users can use 3rd party export plug-ins but one of the goals of the platform is a future port to other applications like Maya®, AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, Sketchup® and other content creation tools.

The Quest3D web plug-in was redesigned from scratch to solve any issues with previous versions. The result is a rock solid system for running real-time 3D applications inside a browser.

The VR edition of Quest3D was enhanced to offer better support for stereo displays and it now includes native support for the most frequently used motion trackers and cyber gloves.


The new version is available for free for users that purchased 3.0 or above. New users will get the new version directly if they purchase it through the Quest3D web shop or through the Quest3D reseller network. Both web shop and a list of resellers is available on Existing users can download the update here:


Quest3D Version 3.6 is now available from the Quest3D website and reseller network. The new version is a major improvement because of exciting new features such as HDR rendering, water simulation, improved support for VR equipment, a better web plug-in and native export from 3D Studio MAX®. This news should be interesting for both existing and new users since it enhances the real-time 3D applications they can create.

About Quest3D™

Quest3D is a tool for real-time 3D application development. It is widely used for broadcasting, project visualization, entertainment, web, training, and virtual reality.

Recent projects include the broadcast of 2006 Italian elections, the ground breaking VR center of the Offshore Simulation Center in Norway and the Cult horror movie “Trapped Ashes” where Matrix special effects specialist and Academy Award winner John Gaeta used Quest3D for real-time 3D special effects.
More information available here:

Quest3D is unique because it has extensive and deep functionality packaged in a graphically user interface. Quest3D provides a usable, flexible development environment for users that aren’t necessarily programmers but still want to create high-end real-time 3D applications.

Quest3D is compatible for any computer with a 3D card and Microsoft DirectX 9. It is available from local distributors or from the web shop.

About ACT-3D™

Officially registered in January 2000, Act-3D is the company behind Quest3D. The company is completely devoted to development of Quest3D.

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DX Studioâ„¢ Version 1.30 Released

We are pleased to announce that a major new version of DX Studio™ is now available for download.

New features in this version include…

  • A brand new user interface with faster viewports and better quality icons.
  • New demos demo_asteroids, demo_arkanoid and demo_waypoints show the power of script to create games.  We’ve also added some user demos to show off what current DX Studio users are building and how it’s done.
  • A new fractal cloud system effect has been added.
  • Faster player – you should notice a performance boost in all of your documents.
  • You can now Freeze/Unfreeze objects so they don’t interfere with the editing process.
  • A new waypoint system – add ‘Waypoint’ objects, scale them up so the sphere covers the tolerance, then select and link them together. Use the object.path.createViaWaypoints function to then traverse them.
  • New events onCollisionBegin and onCollisionEnd notify just once about collisions.
  • You can now directly control an animation with object.animationSetPos("myanim", proportion, play); where proportion is between 0 and 1 of the whole animation, and play is true if it should play from this point or false if it should just hold the frame.
  • When you add the same mesh after modifying it, it should now just update the file and not create a new mesh entry.
  • Unicode support has been added throughout the product.

Download the new version 1.30 from here!

Many thanks for using DX Studio – please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in future versions.

DX Studio Team

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3D Animation :The little cow from Malibu had one football shoe

The little cow from Malibu had one football shoe

The statement may sound a bit awkward at first, but afer watching 3 mins 21 seconds of this video you’ll be convinced, too. According to the team at Soul Pix studio, producing the latest video clip for ‘Die kleine Kuh von Malibu’ temporarily changed the production house into Animal Farm. “The four-week production of this 3D-animated music video dealing with a funny animal football team was quite a lot of fun and a real challenge, for we all know even coping with 2 legs can drive some kickers insane, ­ let alone having 4.” Modeled and animated with Max, rendered with VRay.

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3d Movie Trailer : Ice Age 2 , the Meltdown

Check out the Latest Trailer from the award winning 3D animated movie Ice Age now Melting Down.

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