Anime Studio 9 Released

anime studio 9
The new version from Smith Micro Software has released Anime Studio 9 their 2D animation software.

The added features include :
-Editable Motion Graphs for pro versions only
- Smart Bones for Pro versions only
- Layer Comps for exporting selected items in your scene for compositing them externally in Pro versions only
- Improved onion skin in Pro versions only
- Anime 9 support 64-bit architecture & GPU acceleration in Pro versions only.
- Character Wizard
- Improved UI
- Enhanced keyframe editing
- Wacom multi-touch support

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Animate Animals & Creatures

animals and creatures
Animals & Creatures: Master Class is an advanced course for animators who are passionate about telling a different kind of story. In this course, taught over two 12-week classes, students learn how to animate quadrupeds, flying animals, fantasy creatures and nonhuman characters. Students use three new advanced character rigs provided by Animation Mentor and learn how to integrate animation into live-action footage. Students will learn professional workflow techniques and receive face-to-face mentoring from the top creature animation talent working in the industry today. Students also have access to a rich library of lectures where animators examine their shots from feature films and share tricks of the trade!

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ToonBoom Studio 6 to be released soon

toonboom studio 6
Toonboom Studio
is a popular cartoon animation creating application and it has announced its upcoming version of Studio 6. Studio 6 is the ultimate version for aspiring animators and hobbyists. Studio 6 now offers leading edge features to create bone animation:

    * Convenient Skeleton Effect Layer in the timeline
    * Useful Bone Level for segmenting and animating the character
    * Easy setting of rotation, length and position of the bones
    * Practical manipulation of the bones in the timeline
    * Fast transformation of vector shapes
    * Impressive transformation of pixmap textures
    * More accurate region of influence to move objects
    * Smart reuse of Bone templates on several characters
    * Real-time preview of Bone Effect
    * Full QuickTime export of Bone Effect
    * Fast SWF export of Bone effect (Vector shapes only)
    * Several software improvements and bug fixes

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PAP pro for windows now free

PAP development team have released PAP pro for windows for free to download for the community. You can develop cartoon animations with the help of PAP pro..

Plastic Animation Paper (PAP) is a software package for doing 2D animation. It will allow traditional animators to utilize the powerful and timesaving advantages of computers. Using PAP you see your animation as you create it, removing the need for line tests, cameras and scanners. After getting comfortable with drawing directly to the screen you never want to go back!

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Craft Animations Announces Free Real-time 3D Tools

craft director tools
Broadening its already widespread FreeWare catalog and extending real-time 3D animation to the masses, Craft Animations™ today announced free light versions of its highly regarded Craft Director Tools™. Created to introduce users of Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya to the benefits of Craft Director Tools, Craft 4-Wheeler Free, Craft ObserverCam Free and Craft Airplane Free all utilize cutting-edge research in advanced control systems to drastically reduce traditional animation processes without compromising quality.

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RealFlow Animation of Nissan GTR

realflow animation
Check out the power of
RealFlow which was used to create the Animation of Nissan GTR as a case study Video. Realflow indeed creates very realistic quality of various kinds of fluid simulations and here is an example of it.

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Monsters vs Aliens

monster aliens

The New film being released soon Monsters vs Aleins Trailer. America is being invaded by aliens, and the government’s answer is to unleash monsters! I’m pretty sure that’s the plot of at least four Godzilla movies, and it’s also the plot of the new animated movie from Dreamworks, Monsters vs. Aliens.

The first trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens is here, and the film looks like a lot of fun. Imagine the cast of Monsters Inc. forced to fight the aliens from Mars Attacks and you’ll have a good picture of what’s going on here.

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Morpheme 2.0 to be launched at Nvision 2008 with Nvidia PhysX

morphene 2.0

NaturalMotion, the animation technology pioneer behind the revolutionary euphoria motion synthesis engine, today announced it will launch morpheme 2.0 at the NVISION 08 convention in San Jose. The new version of morpheme, the company’s multiplatform, graphically authorable animation engine, features tight integration of NVIDIA PhysX™ technology.
The integration of PhysX gives programmers and animators direct graphical control over how characters and objects interact in their games, whether it be through ragdolls or animation-driven physics. Continuing morpheme’s ultra-flexible paradigm, animation and physics can be blended and combined across body parts, authored via graphical nodes and controlled by user-defined parameters.
Moreover, morpheme 2.0 introduces a powerful graphical character authoring tool, allowing users to set up and edit physics rigs including collision surfaces and joint angles.morpheme is currently licensed by an array of top-tier developers, including Bioware, Eidos, Ninja Theory, 38 Studios, Futuremark, Total Immersion Software, CCP, Gearbox Software, and many others.
“The goal of morpheme has always been to streamline the animation production pipeline, offering faster development times and higher fidelity,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “We selected NVIDIAs PhysX technology because out of all commercial physics engines, it offers the highest character-grade fidelity, an essential requirement for creating believable characters.”
"NaturalMotion’s technology marks a turning point in gaming. Its fidelity of movement makes characters seem so real that you want to touch them. And the PhysX integration lets you do just that," said Manju Hedge, vice president of PhysX technology at NVIDIA.
In addition to unveiling morpheme 2.0 at NVISION, NaturalMotion is also demonstrating Backbreaker, the company’s upcoming American Football game powered by euphoria, morpheme and PhysX.

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Toon Boom Animation Studio v4.5

toon boom

Toon Boom Animation Studio v4.5 is out and some nice 2D features have been included with better integration with PhotoShop files within Toon Boom studio.  Toon boom also has Automated Lip Synching capabilities and analysis the sound files and syncronizes on the character. You can also publish your content to web, iPod, You Tube, Cell phones and more…

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DreamWorks now in India

According to a ‘Hollywood Reporter’ story over the past couple days, Technicolor has invested in Paprikaas, a Bangalore-based animation company that services clients in features, TV, commercials and video games.

In fact, Paprikaas was recently relocated to Thomson’s 100,000-square-foot digital content production facility in Bangalore.   Thompson is the parent company of Technicolor and is clearly ramping up plans for extended production in the subcontinent.

DreamWorks‘ COO Ann Daly is reported to have said, "Our objective is to tap into and further develop the gifted talent base in India, with the potential to do the kind of feature-level work for which we are renowned worldwide."

Frank E. Dangeard, chairman and CEO of Technicolor parent Thomson, said: "We are committed to creating a center of animation excellence with DreamWorks in India. This strategic alliance is an important step for Thomson: animation represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our content services offering into the media and entertainment industries."

The agreement penned by the group signals that DreamWorks will assist Technicolor in the recruitment, training and development of animation talent for Paprikaas, with particular emphasis on created a dedicated team for DreamWorks projects for the next few years.

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