Autodesk Meshmixer 0.8

Autodesk Meshmixer is a simple and free 3d modelling tool. You can create nice 3d stuff without too much hassle. The new features in meshmixer 0.8 include

- New Face Group support and manipulation tools
- New Stamp tool to insert polygons into surfaces
- New Convert To Polygon tool to create polygons
- New Attract to Target brush to pull surface towards a selected target object
- Improved Booleans, Join tool, and Plane Cut tool
- SmoothBoundary tool now supports placing vertex pins
- Ground-plane Grid and Origin guide
- Improved Transform Widget with angle-snapping guide and toggle between local and global coordinate systems
- Updated Align tool for quickly positioning objects
- New brush options for continuous Flow, Hold Boundary, and Restrict to Group
- UI tweaks like variable-speed sliders

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