Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Product Update 3

3ds max 2013
Autodesk has released a new update 3 which solves several issues for 3ds max 2013 and 3ds max design 2013.

Below is the list of patches for 3ds max 2013

- CAT: When copying and pasting a layer on the rig, the newly pasted layer now contains the keys from the original layer.
- CAT: Clips loaded after updating the rig using RG3 now play correctly.
- In some scenes, the time slider would stop responding. This has been fixed.

Customer Error Reports (CER)
There are 22+ CER related fixes in this Product Update. We have fixed reports in the following areas:
- Running two simultaneous copies of the software would cause a program error. This has been fixed.
- Program error in menu manager.
- Legacy program error related to creating objects.
- Invalid parameter with comparing strings.
- Computing mesh face angles.
- Program error while the Material Editor is resetting a material.
- Program error in Post Load call-back for parameter block.
- Program Error in the Slate Material Editor that occurred when saving a file.
- Program Error in the mental ray Geometric Object Translator.
- Multiple fixes in Post Load call-back.
- The Asset Browser notification call-back.
- Program error in the File Link Manager.
- Program error related to the cache manager.
- Program error when navigating the viewport after switching the Viewports Layout tab.
- Applying modifiers to objects.
- Program error with delay-loaded DLLs.
- Multiple program errors on load.
- Program errors on exit.
- Nitrous generation of object edges.
- Nitrous error related to viewport settings.
- Ribbon panel not displaying.

- When using Unicode characters in a Backburner rendering task, the task would complete properly but the output file name would be garbled. This has been fixed.

Feature Summary
- A program error no longer occurs when running the Chinese software in a Chinese Operating System.
- When saved with Save To Previous, Text spline objects with some High-ASCII characters would not immediately appear in viewports after the file was reopened. This has been fixed.
- The error message of the Job Assignment dialog was garbled if Backburner did not start. This has been fixed.

- When using the MassFX Rigid Body modifier Bake button a Heap corruption error could occur. This has been fixed.
- When submitting rendering jobs, the Network Rendering menu would hang when Split Scanline rendering was active. This has been fixed. Important: This fix requires you to update Backburner to Backburner 2013.
- mental ray Shadows Segment mode was not calculating transparency correctly. This has been fixed.

- The Modify command panel would not always scroll. This has been fixed.
- Using the Reset Ribbon command no longer turns off the menu.
- The Command panel now displays properly when docked to the left.

Download the 3ds max 2013 update 3

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